Sunday, August 19, 2018

40K - "Hammerhead Down" Table

As part of the prep for FOB NZGT I am working through my terrain collection and getting them ready for the event.

Each of my terrain sets has its own gamemat and comes in its own plastic storage crate. This means I can have a tailored table which has its own narrative. I'm trying to ensure a certain level of terrain coverage which includes LOS-blocking pieces in each set. The final set will be to add matching scatter terrain.

Here is my "Hammerhead Down" table which goes on's Sands of Time Mat. I've had these mdf building from CNC Workshop for 10+ years but decided to revamp them to give them more character. A few hours with the airbrush has achieved this.

The buildings are really robust and have stood up to tournament play well. With the addition of some scatter terrain this will be a fun table to play on.

Next table to do is my "Abandoned Hive" which is an Imperial city overgrown by jungle. I'm not looking forward to painting all the skulls.


  1. I remember playing my 2nd tournament game on that terrain back in 2010, still holds up well Pete

  2. Always liked that table and took several pictures of it on my blog. Didn't know it was yours Pete. Kudos.