Monday, August 6, 2018

Warhammer 40k - Call to Arms Results

Call to Arms was held over the weekend in Wellington, hosted by the Warlords.

Craig and Carson did a great job running the event.

The results were as follows:

Congrats to all the prizewinners. The results have been uploaded to the rankings.


  1. A huge thanks to Pete for your terrain and Hagens at CTA and the quick posting of the scores.

    I've been asked why everyone didn't get top sportsmanship and how the painting results worked.

    Sportsmanship was different from normal Wellington tournaments. You got 5 points if the game was ok. You got 8 points if your opponent enjoyed it and wanted to play you again. No one got zero points (negative) in any round which was a first for a tournament I ran. I was very happy with the vibe.

    The painting was quite tough. Any basic painted models dropped your overall score. If you didn't have a nicely painted army for all your models you missed out on the advanced and exceptional extra scoring.

    The tournament sport and painting rules come from the Adepticon tournaments in the US.

    Cheers Craig

    1. Thanks to you Craig for giving up your weekend for all of us.

      Really enjoyed the event...wished I had got to see more of the demo games that were also held.