Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wolves mega update-a-thon!

Hi All! I've been meaning to do this update for ages... so here goes.

Well, I'll not waste time with too much text, but I'll drown you in pictures ;)!

Firstly, I have finished all the vehicles, and decided to do some fairly heavy weathering on them. Here's a close up so you can see what I mean.

Weathering Closeup:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GW Annual Report 2010-2011

Can be found here:

It's always an interesting read, and this year is no different. Unfortunately we don't get to see the effects of the embargo or the finecast release until the next report, which should prove very interesting.

I'd also recommend reading the discussion thread on Dakka in particular, because there is usually a group of people who know what they are talking about that run through the report and give the key points to those of us that can't be bothered to read the whole thing

Sunday, July 24, 2011

August Release Schedule

Stolen shamelessly from Dakka (who had it from warseer)

6th August

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (plastic kit, also usable as Terrorgheist, on an Arachnarok sized base)
Vampire Counts Cairn Wraith (seems to be plastic blister)
Vampire Counts Tomb Banshee (seems to be plastic blister)
Vlad Von Carstein (Finecast)
Konrad Von Carstein (Finecast)

Inquisitor Karamazov (Finecast)
Dark Elves War Hydra (Finecast)
Dark Elf Dreadlord on Cold One (Finecast)
Wood Elf Spellweaver with Staff (Finecast)

Garden of Morr (this is a multipart plastic graveyard terrain set)

Zombie Dragon

20th August

Chaos Daemons Battalion / Battleforce
Chaos Daemons Herald of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch (new, Finecast)
The Changeling (Finecast)
Chaos Daemons Bloodthirster (Finecast)
Chaos Daemons Lord of Change (Finecast)

Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul (new, Finecast, see pic)
Dark Eldar Medusae (new, Finecast, see pic)

Dark Eldar releases

I'm not a fan of the Dark Eldar models or their prices, and I like to see another couple of angless of the Zombie Dragon to get an idea of what's actually going on.

It's interesting to see some really big models re-released in Finecast (Hydra, Greater Daemons), and I can see it being a fantastic material to have for those models because of the lower weight and less of a need to pin them in Finecast

Friday, July 22, 2011

Swings & Roundabouts... the rankings for 2011 so far

Hi ho!

As some of you may or may not be aware, the rankings formula for NZ for 2011 changes quite considerably. Points for winning a max sized event dropped from 120, down to 100 (give or take a little as the rankings HQ database works its magic), meaning that 2010 events were worth substantially more than 2011 events.
Rather than going back and amending older events to their new value, it was instead decided to leave them as is, and let the Rankings sort themselves out over the year.

I thought I would have a look at 2011 events only, and check out how people were looking so far. I did this for 2 reasons, a) because I was a bit bored and had a few minutes up my sleeve so wanted to see what kind of effect this points change was having, and b) To get a bit of a feel for what this years masters field may look like.

To do this I looked at the current top 25 players, their rankings in rankingsHQ, and then stripped out the 2010 events and looked at peoples new placings/totals. This doesn't mean it is the new top 25, as I only recalculated the current top 25 people.
Also, its probably important to not forget that there are still events to happen in 2011, it's only July! This particularly effects the south island, whos events are normally in the latter half of the year, and for obvious reasons Christchurch probably hasn't been in the most charitible mood for hosting events.

This is also however, strongly effected by the massive decline of the Wellington 40k scene. With no fields of blood 2011, no Maelstrom, no Warpstorm, in fact quite possibly no event other than Call To Arms (whos player pack has seen many people email me stating that they won't bother making the journey) - very few points are being generated out of the capital, and you'll notice the players now floundering at the bottom of the pack have a certain geographical feature in common.

Without further ado, here's how they're looking initially!

All up, so far I think it makes for a pretty interesting masters field, it's good to see some new faces in there :) That being said, the top 15 now consists of 10 Aucklanders, 2 wellingtonians, and 3 'others' - which marks a pretty stark shift in the national 40k scene.

Keen to hear your thoughts on the subject, have at it!

Some Bits and Bobs

Just a few random bits of news to share.

First off, the Fantasy ETC lists went up overnight. I haven't yet looked through all off them, but I did look at both the English and Australian lists, and it's hard to believe the two teams are playing the same game, as the lists are quite different. It's also a lot nicer to be able to look through the open lists this year, because you can actually see the subtle differences between the lists rather than most of them looking the same.

The 40k lists have been up for the last week or two, and both can be found on TWF (40k and Fantasy)

There's also a batch of Ogre Kingdom Rumours that have come out in the last couple of days, found here. Again, I haven't read them yet, but thought some may be interested.

Finally, I've just finished painting the bone on 4 of my Dark Eldar vehicles. Now I can start on the other details and stop using Dheneb Stone and Bleached Bone for a while!

2 Raiders, Ravager and Venom

I airbrushed the basecoat on, and this sped up the whole process immeasurably. I didn't need to spend hours and hours putting on thin coats of Dheneb Stone and then just hope it didn't turn out streaky.

There's also 4 more Venoms and a Ravager on my desk in the process of being cleaned up and assembled. I blame the internet!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brushes - Raphael and W&N Series 7

Today I've got another hobby-related post, this time on brushes. The first key point on brushes is that if you haven't switched to a top quality brush yet, you need to do so NOW! Back when I was using GW brushes and other equally average brushes, I had no idea what a difference using better brushes would make. Now that I've switched, I can't imagine ever going back.

Basically, the benefits of a high-end brush are simple. They hold more paint, hold their point forever, and will last for years if you take care of them. Compare that to some of the cheaper brushes I've used, where the point has split after a couple of months, and it means that the more expensive cost of the good brushes is actually balanced out by the more frequent replacement needed for the cheaper brushes.

If you ask people for their pick as the best brush, you will likely get one of two answers: the Winsor & Newton Series 7, or the Raphael 8404. Now, I've been using W&N for the past 2 years (the same two brushes for the whole time), and recently picked up some of the Raphaels. Both are in a class of their own when compared to the brushes of other companies, but there are some subtle differences between the two.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CoolMiniOrNot Instant Mould

One of the things I tried out when I was back home was a relatively new product put out by CoolMiniOrNot called Instant Mould. Having never tried casting pieces before, I thought this would be the perfect way to try it out. As it says on the CMON site, the material only needs to put in hot water to soften it, and then it sets in minutes. The best bit is it can be reused by placing it in hot water again, which means you can play around with it for a while if you're not quite happy with the result and not have any concerns about wasting the material.

I did a bit of research on different ways to use it, and ended up deciding to use the quite popular method of using Lego to build an enclosure. The mould is then created using this to make sure the two halves of the mould line up exactly the same each time.

The bit I started with was a Blaster arm for my Dark Eldar. These are very useful and hence sell on bits sites for roughly $US 5-10 each, which is a little extreme for me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Seventh Venom? Yes or No?

As Dad's indicated, for the next two weeks, the blog will be filled with fantastic insights and quality discussions of some of life's true problems. As a new Dark Eldar player, an issue dear to my heart is the eternal question regarding Venoms: "How many is too many?"

The Venom-Spam list has gained notoriety around the internet for the sheer number of poisoned shots it can put out, and how it tables opponents left, right and centre in a matter of turns. Perfect, I thought, that's exactly what I'm after. I do love clubbing those baby seals.

Pete-Lite Comp

Over at The Warhammer Forum ( there is a multipage thread concerned with Comp and whether it is needed or not. As usual this quickly descended into intransigence and name-calling as any thread on a public forum is wont to do.

I’ve been vocal in my view over the past 12 months since its release, that 8th edition has done a great job in balancing the landscape between the various army books. I’d contend that the excesses we saw at the end of 7th Edition have largely been addressed if you play the game as per the 8th Edn rulebook. This means playing the scenarios, playing the victory conditions, playing terrain etc rather than a bastardised version of v7.5 Edn that a number of people who have since moved to other games wanted the Australasian scene to adopt.

I love 8th Edn and the skills it encourages. There has been a move from distance and angle estimation as a prime skill (due to nature of 7th combat) to one where risk assessment and management are the deciders.

Early in 2011 I published on this blog the comp system I’d be using at events I ran. This was designed to be a very light system aimed at taking the most extreme builds out of the mix. There has been a few small changes on the way – with the release of Orcs & Goblins and Tomb Kings – but I think it has achieved the stated objectives. It is aimed at an inclusive rather than exclusive game and is based on keeping abreast of the game across all jurisdictions. Sometimes mistakes are made – e.g. the exclusion of the Tomb King Nefratta’s Plaques – but these are corrected when identified.

Leaving On A Jetplane

Tomorrow I’m off on two weeks holiday so I’m leaving you in the capable hands of Jack and Charlie.

I have the utmost faith that they will continue to populate the blog with razor sharp insight and unbridled wit during my absence. I fully expect to see such topics as “A Seventh Venom? Yes or No?” or “Adding Wolf Guard to Your Long Fangs to Increase Their Firepower” or even “One Cauldron of Blood – What Are You? A Wimp?”.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

GW's 2012 Collection

The rumoured release schedule for Games Workshop over the next 12 months looks pretty uninspiring.

It was recently reported on Bell of Lost Souls as:

August – 40k Sisters of Battle (White Dwarf)

October – WHFB Ogre Kingdoms

November – 40k Necrons

February – WHFB Bretonnians or Wood Elves

March – 40k Tau Empire

May – WHFB Dwarfs

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Finecast model

So yesterday I received a parcel from GW Australia containing my first Finecast purchase. In the spirit of GW’s question “Which will be your first Finecast model?” I can answer:

Empire Captain with Hammer and Pistol

Checking out the sculpt, Jack picked up one small flaw – an air bubble under the foot. I’m going to give it a thorough examination tonight when I look to put it together. The figure certainly looks very crisp with a high level of detail but the proof is in the pudding.

At the same time I got the metal musician with dancing bear to include in a unit of halberdiers.

Alternative GW Supplier

Last evening I was talking to my mate Gav Clarke, the owner of Irresistible Force. Gav had contacted me in response to an enquiry I had around GW pricing in this Brave New World.

Irresistible Force are based in Brisbane, Australia and over the years Gav has been an enormous supporter of my own hobby and the wargaming hobby in general. You can check out their website but they are suppliers of the Games Workshop range as well as a really comprehensive range of hobby supplies. For instance I source all my Silflor Grass Tufts and Foilage from Gav.

Gav confirmed to me that Irresistible Force are able to offer a discount of 20-30% off Australian RRP and provide FREE SHIPPING to New Zealand. At the lower of those discounts this represents about 10% off New Zealand RRP. I can certainly testify to the speed of their service too. I’ve had a dozen plus orders with them and none has taken more than 5 Business Days to arrive.

Well worth checking out, particularly if you want more than just GW.

WARNING! Contains Necro-Equine Flagellation

Sometimes I just get depressed. You look at the state of the game and see such a clear definition between the “haves’ and the “have nots”.

I’ve been listening to the latest 40kUK podcast where they discuss aspects of the Space Wolves codex – Long Fangs, Wolf priest and SW Scouts – as well as having a round table on Grey Knights and the landscape looks remarkably like Fantasy 2008 (where the rest found it hard to compete with the big four – VC, DoC, DE and Lizards). Unlike Fantasy, GW appears to have the 40k dial fully turned to “turbo” so recent codexes – DE and GK – are competitive with the IG, SW, BA and Tyranids of the world.

This consistency is good because as long as it is continued to end up with everything at the same power level…..eventually.

But what got me depressed was looking at my favoured offspring – the Chaos Space Marines.

Members of the CSM Appreciation League Comfort Their Fallen Mount "Gav Thorpe"

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, Charlie and Jack were doing a dissection of Dark elder on the weekend and as a point of reference were reviewing the recently released 2011 ETC lists. I thought that’s not a bad idea and logged on and looked at the Chaos SM ones. What I learned was that I only needed to look at the first….subsequent list views were redundant because for all intents and purposes they were the same. At ETC level at least, all the lists were the same!

Dual Lash Prince, three units of Obliterators, Plague Marines. The only variation was whether you took a minimum-sized unit of combi-melta armed Termies or Khorne Berzerkers. Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn.

Then I looked at the participants in the 140 person Wargames-Con 40k tournament run by the guys at BOLS. They showed a graph of the participants’ armies – dominated by SW and BA – and CSM came in at 10th most popular. This is a remarkable change from what occurred throughout 3rd and 4th Edition where despite new codex releases, Chaos Space Marine armies were always the most popular codex after Space Marines. The fact that Space Marines have also fallen in popularity (but not to the same extent) is illustrative of the up-powering of recent codexes – counts-as armies are popular ref: Adepticon – where people feel the need to change armies to remain competitive.

A Hero Will Rise

In the CSM situation, this was compounded by the ludicrous (certainly in terms of sales I contend) decision to remove the Traitor Legions in favour of the liquorice allsorts Chaos Renegades. If you doubt the folly of that decision, I’m interested to know how many Red Corsairs armies you’ve seen on the table recently. It’s quite clear that GW killed a golden goose with the last book and I can only hope for those that do enjoy playing the many armies 3rd/4th allowed, that the situation is rectified early 2012.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Fantasy FAQs As Well

New Fantasy FAQs - Tomb Kings and Lizardmen.

Not much to see. Skrox are officially "Unique".

Tomb Kings ones are all straightforward clarifications

New 40k FAQ's out.

Hi guys,

just a quick post. New FAQ's for Rulebook, Orks, SM, GK.

The only major changes for the FAQ concern fliers on large oval bases (read: vendettas). In short, confirmation your wings count as your hull, so no more trying to argue you can move on 6 and fire all weapons, but they also made it so that you just count the base for the purposes of "is the vehicle in difficult terrain/area occupied by other models" so that becomes interesting :)

Virtually nothing of interest in the SM or GK FAQ's, it was all either common sense confirmed, or silly questions.
- GK Purgation squads cant shoot out of vehicles without firepoints with Astral Aim.
- Vehicle LD's can be modified by special rules for psychic tests.
- If a dreadnaught is immobilised by an exploding storm raven, it dies, ahhaha.
- RAD/Psychotroke don't apply multiple times
- SM Ironclads mess vehicles up big time in assault, so don't let them assault you, you big silly goose.

The orks had a few buffs, and one that I think people will still totally fail to understand.
- Waagh was moved to the beginning of the shooting phase. This was no doubt to stop people doing the whole "Dave Cleverly Shidy Incident", where they would roll all their Waaaghs first, and decide after all the run rolls whether they would then grant fleet to the units orn ot.
- Tankbusters got a bit of a nerf, no more running to avoid having to shoot a vehicle in LOS 250000000feet away.
- Some changes/clarification to big bombs, not that anyone ever used them anyway.
- Confirmation you can't destroy a deffrolla with a weapon destroyed result, who even asked this question?
- Confirmation that a walker can't hit back against a boarding plank attack. This was always a very contentious issue, I thought it was reasonably straight forward but people on the receiving end always seemed to find the issue a bit more mirky :)
- A bunch more common sense clarifications (yes, an attack squig adds a powerklaw attack, etc) and special character clarifications of no real consequence.

And lastly, the biggy, confirmation that vehicles are a 4+ save for KFF's, which almost everyone played anyway, but occasionally a few people were pretty desperate to downgrade it. What people will still get wrong, is how this interacts with Kans.
What it now says in the FAQ, is that only those within 6" of the KFF will be obscured.

When shooting at a squadron of walkers, to determine whether the squad has cover or not, you ignore that they are a squadron, and assess each kan individually. Is that one obscured? What about that one? And that one? You then work out whether you have a majority cover or not, and apply that effect to the unit. 1/3 obscured? No one gets cover. 2/3 obscured? Whole unit gets cover.
This confuses people as it's different to non vehicle units who only need a single model to get the 5+.

I can see now, people playing this 1 of 3 ways.
The first way: The right way, as described above. Majority to be in, or nothing.
The second way: People sticking one in for the 4+, and claiming the other 2 get a 5+. No buddy, none of them get a save at all in this scenario.
The third way: People taking a coversave for those that are within 6, and not taking one for those that are in. This just isn't how shooting at squadrons works.

Do go check them out though, rather than just my quick summaries. There's a bunch of common sense stuff in there that will surprise you that anyone ever played it any differently. HEAPPPPPPS of stuff in the ork one though.

As Lou says "Take A Walk On The Wild Side"

Recently I have been really enjoying playing games of Fantasy at the 2000 point level. When 8th Edition came out a year ago, like most I endorsed the 2400 point game as the likely prevailing norm.

There are a lot of reasons for that initial view – bigger units, bigger magic, more augments and hexes etc.

Ghetto Ducks Ambush Fluffy Deathstar (Who Couldn't Afford Potion of H5N1 Avian Influenza)

However I have gradually come around to the 2000 point game, especially at tournaments and events. Why? Well there are a few reasons.

The first is that some players are just slow. No matter what you do they dawdle through their games like it is a ramble in a country garden. They get distracted, play things through 10+ times….it seems on super slo-mo – anguish over every decision and every micro-move. Giving them fewer points at least speeds things up a bit….it’s not a linear relationship but every bit helps.

Second reason is that at 2000 points you can’t have all the toys. You don’t have the opportunity to build greater levels of certainty (read protection) into your characters nor can you build deathstars without seriously reducing the overall size of your army.

The third reason is that because of the second reason, things are more decisive. The spell has greater effect, the combat moves away from a grind to surgical strike etc. This does mean that the odd game can be more driven by vagaries of the dice but that in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means to be successful you need to acknowledge the potential for disaster and plan for it.

I think it makes it a more tactical game when you can’t have everything you want in your list as you are continually assessing situations against a background of greater risk. Personally I like that but I know a lot of players prefer greater certainty (and Dwarf players want complete certainty). I guess what I’m saying is that at 2000 points and using the Dwarf example you need to balance the rune of “re-roll misfires” versus 2-3 more Warriors, that second spellbreaker against the rune of “stealing PD and making them DD”, the rune of “re-roll scatter dice” etc.

For my lists there are non-negotiables at 2000 points – BSB, Dispel Scroll, Earthing Rod – that I need to fit in. But there are items I can’t necessarily get – Storm Banner, Warp Condensor, MR item etc – and so I have to make hard choices. Similarly if I only have 20 Plague Monks pushing a Furnace and not 30 then I have to think about whether my Plague Priest can risk a miscast.

In summary I like the uncertainty…….flame away!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Odds & Sods

After last weekend’s Horned Rat IV, this weekend was a pretty quiet one for me.

On Saturday I progressed the painting of my first Iron Warriors vehicles, three rhinos. As is always the case, you find you don’t have exactly what you need – I thought I had three sets of Forgeworld Iron Warriors rhino doors but could only find two. So a quick internet order to FW should see the third set winging their way to me this week. Still, I managed to paint three rhinos (one sans doors) and they are now in pristine factory-fresh condition waiting for weathering and battle damage.

Saturday afternoon, Charlie came around and he and Jack were pawing over the Dark Eldar and space Wolves books planning their armies of mass destruction. I tried to make helpful comments but apparently my fluff-based analysis was an anathema to them and I was relegated to the painting table and told to stop bothering them (Charlie informed me that he had a special Wolf codex where all units that had the word “claw” in their title were missing, while Jack indicated his DE codex said “The Baron is a compulsory choice”). Young people. Late afternoon they disappeared down to the wargaming room and had their armies smash each other silly before a final analysis session where they cut any “inefficiency” (I hadn’t noticed any tbh) and make them more of a challenge for their opponents (nice to see them thinking of others).

Yesterday I wandered into GW to buy the Storm of Magic Card Set and after fighting through the hordes of customers and storeboys I purchased a set. Now I’m only interested in the plastic case so if you want a set of the cards at a cheap price let me know. I had the various terrain pieces pointed out to me – my GW knows ‘m a sucker for terrain – but to be honest I’m less than impressed. I’m sure they are adequate for their SoM purpose but they don’t inspire me like their previous Fantasy terrain pieces. I’ll revisit them in a month or so and see if they grow on me.

So all in all a pretty quiet weekend though more painting than in a long while. It was quite nice to paint some vehicles for a change. Not sure what is next for IW but I’ll probably paint a unit of Obliterators.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Olympia's Finest

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to paint over the winter months and have decided that it’s going to be the pin-up boys from Olympia, the Iron Warriors.

Magnetising the Razorwing

Those of you that know me and have seen my previous 40k armies probably also know that I tend to go a bit magnet crazy at times. My Eldar have 5 Grav Tank hulls that can be changed freely between Wave Serpents and Falcons, as well as all the weapons being switchable. My World Eaters weren’t as extreme, but there was a Predator that could take any combination of weapons or drop back to being a Rhino.

This leads me to my current project, the Dark Eldar. Now, there’s not much to do to the Raiders and Venoms apart from magnetising the flying stands, so I looked instead at the Razorwing. It’s got four missiles, each of which can be one of three types. They are also one-use-only, so it makes sense to have them come off as you fire them. It’s also not quite as clear as with the Raiders, Ravagers or Venoms which weapon configuration is the best, so I decided to make them swappable too.

Here’s a step by step guide of what I did, along with photos of each stage that I took during the process. The magnets I used were just ones we had sitting around at home (3mm diameter and 1mm deep). I hope the guide is interesting and helpful to some.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


After a stunning first day that saw the Dark Alliance go 9/9 wins, we were back on Sunday to see if we could keep up the trend. However, with us being the clear leaders in number of tiles on the map, everyone else was out to get us and started using the ‘Disaster’ event to collapse our buildings, castles and mines. Not fair I tell you! ;)

Game 4 – Raymond Dick (Lizards)

So far, we’d been quite indifferent to the Lizards, who bordered us on the south, but when the matchups for this round were announced it was clear there was a bit of bad blood between us after all. Raymond had a Carnosaur Lord, BSB and normal Vet on Cold One, a Priest, 20 Saurus, 2 medium Skrox units, an Ancient Steg, 2 Salamanders and 5 Chameleon Skinks.

Skaven Delta Force.....Locked and Loaded

By the start of the second day the Skaven had abandoned their objective of destroying the Realm of man, deciding that this was an obvious printing error and their real target were the Elves.

“Elf…..the other white meat”

With this change in strategy we had to go through the Orcs to get there so……..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Space Husky Battle Report

Hi all....

This week I am blessed with the house guest that is Haydn Korach. Other than having my nosey neighbours peering out their window trying to work out why a police car is parked on my lawn all night, this came with the added benefit of getting a game in with the new Wolves against one of New Zealands top ranked players, using an army he is very familiar with.

Who Needs Delta Force When You Play Skaven!!!!!!

Over the weekend I ran the second of the Warhammer Fantasy Campaign Weekends, The Horned Rat IV. The event attracted 20 gamers split into seven teams. There were five games over the two days. The armies were 2000 points (using Pete-Lite Comp), with the opportunity to add three sideboards of up to 100 points each.

My list was as follows:

Grey Seer – Earthing Rod, 4+ Ward
BSB – Standard of Discipline
Plague Priest – Furnace, Rival Hide Talisman, Ironcurse Icon, Dispel Scroll
Engineer – Doomrocket

25 Clanrats – Full Command, Shields
23 Clanrats – Full Command, Shields
40 Slaves
40 Slaves
39 Slaves

6 Gutter Runners – Poison, Slings
6 Gutter Runners – Poison, Slings
20 Plague Monks – Full Command, Banner of Under-Empire

Warplightning Cannon
Hell Pit Abomination

I had a sideboard but never used it.

Our objective was to destroy the Realm of Men and we started off by declaring “Disaster” on them and destroying their capital city.

Monday, July 4, 2011


So over the weekend we had the Horned Rat campaign weekend. I was part of the Dark Alliance along with Tim Norling and Tom Dunn, and my list is in the post below. Like I said before, I was trying out some of the more ‘standard’ choices in the current Dark Elf lists being used in the UK, those being the 2x10 Shades and the Shadow Level 4 with Dagger and Lifetaker.

We rocked up on Saturday morning, and discovered our team goal was to claim the northern mountains, which meant that we’d have to get through Orcs and/or Dwarfs to achieve this. We also for some reason had to make sure we were always bordering the Realm of Men, which was strange, because we really wanted to fight them and wipe them out!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Something Different

So I've just finished painting up some of the markers for Horned Rat tomorrow, and thought I'd throw up my list. I'm using Dark Elves for the first time in a long while, and decided to try out some of the filth that's been running around in the UK for while. I've been inducted into the Dark Alliance as a result, alongside my brother Tom's Daemons and Tim Norling's WoC.

Now, I don't have 2 lots of 20 Black Guard, or 30 Corsairs, so I couldn't copy all the good stuff, but I am trying 2x10 Shades along with a Shadow Level 4 (Mindrazor!!!) with a dagger, which is something I haven't used before. I'm not sure how the list will go, but I've been told the lists this weekend are all harder than last time, so that should make it good fun with nice tight games.

Level 4, Shadow, Dagger, Ruby Ring, Lifetaker
Cauldron, BSB

30 Spears, Std, Mus
16 Spears, Std, Mus
2x10 Xbows, Mus
2x5 Harpies

20 Black Guard. Std, Mus, Banner of Murder
2x10 Shades


And the sideboard is:

5 Dark Riders, Mus
Bolt Thrower

I'll take some photos of the games over the weekend and do a rundown of our team's results next week. Now that I'm on holiday and at home, there will be a lot of Dark Eldar stuff going on too!

Lie of the Land

The Teams for Horned Rat are finalised:

Slippery - All Lizardmen - Reid Pittams, Mike King and Raymond Dick

Stunty - All Dwarfs - Hagen Kerr and Matt Hassall

Realm of Man - Neil Williamson (Brets), Peter Williamson (Woodies) and Joel van der Ven-Long (Empire)

S.A.D. - All Skaven - James Millington, Doug Rosendale, Pete Dunn

Resplendant - All High Elves - Glen Burfield, Hugh Dixon, Adam Richards

Pigstikkas - All Orcs & Goblins - Sam Whitt, Hamish Forbes, Ben Wadsworth

Dark (Dull) Alliance - Tim Norling (WoC), Tom Dunn (Daemons) and Jack Dunn (Dark Elves)

The event cards have been written, the objectives decided.....let's roll some dice!

Tick, Tock......Mousies on the March

So Horned Rat tomorrow and I realised I hadn’t put up my list.

Having tried a Pestilens themed list in my last game, I’ve decided to go back to a standard Skaven list.

So here’s what it is

Grey Seer
Priest on Furnace
Three Engineers

3x 40 Slaves Muso
2x 25 Clanrats Full Command

2x 6 Gutter runners with Poison & Slings
20 Plague Monks

Warp Lightning Cannon
Hell Pit Abomination


Core: 20 Rats with 4 Packmasters

Special: 6 Plague Censer Bearers

Rare: Plagueclaw Catapult

I am in Team S.A.D. (Skaven Armies of Doom) with James Millington and Doug Rosendale.

All I can promise is “There Will Be Cheese”