Friday, July 1, 2011

Something Different

So I've just finished painting up some of the markers for Horned Rat tomorrow, and thought I'd throw up my list. I'm using Dark Elves for the first time in a long while, and decided to try out some of the filth that's been running around in the UK for while. I've been inducted into the Dark Alliance as a result, alongside my brother Tom's Daemons and Tim Norling's WoC.

Now, I don't have 2 lots of 20 Black Guard, or 30 Corsairs, so I couldn't copy all the good stuff, but I am trying 2x10 Shades along with a Shadow Level 4 (Mindrazor!!!) with a dagger, which is something I haven't used before. I'm not sure how the list will go, but I've been told the lists this weekend are all harder than last time, so that should make it good fun with nice tight games.

Level 4, Shadow, Dagger, Ruby Ring, Lifetaker
Cauldron, BSB

30 Spears, Std, Mus
16 Spears, Std, Mus
2x10 Xbows, Mus
2x5 Harpies

20 Black Guard. Std, Mus, Banner of Murder
2x10 Shades


And the sideboard is:

5 Dark Riders, Mus
Bolt Thrower

I'll take some photos of the games over the weekend and do a rundown of our team's results next week. Now that I'm on holiday and at home, there will be a lot of Dark Eldar stuff going on too!

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