Friday, July 1, 2011

Lie of the Land

The Teams for Horned Rat are finalised:

Slippery - All Lizardmen - Reid Pittams, Mike King and Raymond Dick

Stunty - All Dwarfs - Hagen Kerr and Matt Hassall

Realm of Man - Neil Williamson (Brets), Peter Williamson (Woodies) and Joel van der Ven-Long (Empire)

S.A.D. - All Skaven - James Millington, Doug Rosendale, Pete Dunn

Resplendant - All High Elves - Glen Burfield, Hugh Dixon, Adam Richards

Pigstikkas - All Orcs & Goblins - Sam Whitt, Hamish Forbes, Ben Wadsworth

Dark (Dull) Alliance - Tim Norling (WoC), Tom Dunn (Daemons) and Jack Dunn (Dark Elves)

The event cards have been written, the objectives decided.....let's roll some dice!

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