Monday, July 11, 2011

Odds & Sods

After last weekend’s Horned Rat IV, this weekend was a pretty quiet one for me.

On Saturday I progressed the painting of my first Iron Warriors vehicles, three rhinos. As is always the case, you find you don’t have exactly what you need – I thought I had three sets of Forgeworld Iron Warriors rhino doors but could only find two. So a quick internet order to FW should see the third set winging their way to me this week. Still, I managed to paint three rhinos (one sans doors) and they are now in pristine factory-fresh condition waiting for weathering and battle damage.

Saturday afternoon, Charlie came around and he and Jack were pawing over the Dark Eldar and space Wolves books planning their armies of mass destruction. I tried to make helpful comments but apparently my fluff-based analysis was an anathema to them and I was relegated to the painting table and told to stop bothering them (Charlie informed me that he had a special Wolf codex where all units that had the word “claw” in their title were missing, while Jack indicated his DE codex said “The Baron is a compulsory choice”). Young people. Late afternoon they disappeared down to the wargaming room and had their armies smash each other silly before a final analysis session where they cut any “inefficiency” (I hadn’t noticed any tbh) and make them more of a challenge for their opponents (nice to see them thinking of others).

Yesterday I wandered into GW to buy the Storm of Magic Card Set and after fighting through the hordes of customers and storeboys I purchased a set. Now I’m only interested in the plastic case so if you want a set of the cards at a cheap price let me know. I had the various terrain pieces pointed out to me – my GW knows ‘m a sucker for terrain – but to be honest I’m less than impressed. I’m sure they are adequate for their SoM purpose but they don’t inspire me like their previous Fantasy terrain pieces. I’ll revisit them in a month or so and see if they grow on me.

So all in all a pretty quiet weekend though more painting than in a long while. It was quite nice to paint some vehicles for a change. Not sure what is next for IW but I’ll probably paint a unit of Obliterators.


  1. Claws are something a cat has. You never hear about a dog "getting its claws out". Yuck. So I just took a red sharpie to the book and removed any reference to claws.
    Goodbye bloodclaws. Goodbye swiftclaws. etc.
    Lets ignore for a second that there is a good weapon option known as "wolf claws".

    I quite like the little tornado piece of terrain, but didn't feel like it would do much in a 40k game so didn't pick one up. Im looking forward to airbrushing up some more terrain soon though, after that game on Saturday with Jack, I really don't think I play with quite enough terrain at home. I still need another 2-3 big pieces - that table felt very busy terrain wise, but was the reccommended amount, and had a good impact on the game.

  2. I can see a use for the terrain pieces in SoM but not vanilla Fantasy. currently we are using "mysterious" terrain for Hills, Woods and Marshes and that seems to strike a nice balance. I think once you start moving into Sinister Statutes and Arcane ruins there is a tendency for them to dominate the game. The SoM pieces fall outside what I'd expect to see on a tournament battlefield.

    The 40k terrain you played on versus Jack is pretty much my standard set. All CoD buildings with some LoS blocking. As you know I have a lot of the bastion stuff but the set you played with covers 25% of the realm of Battle's multi-level which gives vantage points etc.

  3. There's no place in modern 40K for us old timers who still believe in fluff. It's all the young people with their net lists ...

  4. What is this "net" you speak of?

  5. Isn't a net what you old timers used to catch fish before we could just go catch them in a supermarket?

  6. So Bloodjaws, Swiftjaws and Wolfjaws then?

  7. Nat, probably safer for me to just never ever field bloodclaws or swiftclaws.

  8. Doors ordered Sunday, here Friday! Woot!