Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alternative GW Supplier

Last evening I was talking to my mate Gav Clarke, the owner of Irresistible Force. Gav had contacted me in response to an enquiry I had around GW pricing in this Brave New World.

Irresistible Force are based in Brisbane, Australia and over the years Gav has been an enormous supporter of my own hobby and the wargaming hobby in general. You can check out their website but they are suppliers of the Games Workshop range as well as a really comprehensive range of hobby supplies. For instance I source all my Silflor Grass Tufts and Foilage from Gav.

Gav confirmed to me that Irresistible Force are able to offer a discount of 20-30% off Australian RRP and provide FREE SHIPPING to New Zealand. At the lower of those discounts this represents about 10% off New Zealand RRP. I can certainly testify to the speed of their service too. I’ve had a dozen plus orders with them and none has taken more than 5 Business Days to arrive.

Well worth checking out, particularly if you want more than just GW.


  1. I'll try em tonight. If I can't support NZ, then I'll embrace an ANZAC alternative.

  2. Awesome cheers for heads up - i need more silflor stuff