Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Bits and Bobs

Just a few random bits of news to share.

First off, the Fantasy ETC lists went up overnight. I haven't yet looked through all off them, but I did look at both the English and Australian lists, and it's hard to believe the two teams are playing the same game, as the lists are quite different. It's also a lot nicer to be able to look through the open lists this year, because you can actually see the subtle differences between the lists rather than most of them looking the same.

The 40k lists have been up for the last week or two, and both can be found on TWF (40k and Fantasy)

There's also a batch of Ogre Kingdom Rumours that have come out in the last couple of days, found here. Again, I haven't read them yet, but thought some may be interested.

Finally, I've just finished painting the bone on 4 of my Dark Eldar vehicles. Now I can start on the other details and stop using Dheneb Stone and Bleached Bone for a while!

2 Raiders, Ravager and Venom

I airbrushed the basecoat on, and this sped up the whole process immeasurably. I didn't need to spend hours and hours putting on thin coats of Dheneb Stone and then just hope it didn't turn out streaky.

There's also 4 more Venoms and a Ravager on my desk in the process of being cleaned up and assembled. I blame the internet!


  1. Damn they look good that bright! I find I always paint up my vehicles in one piece, mostly because I'm impatient putting them together, hah!

  2. They're only in bits so I could airbrush the bone pieces bone and spray the rest black to save me repainting the black by hand after the airbrushing

  3. If there's one thing you can say for 8th Ed., it's that there seems to be alot of different ways to play the same game. Having a bit more variety in army lists at the ETC should make the actual games a bit more exciting than the copy/paste lists of last year...

  4. The kiwi ETC WHFB list are also pretty solid. I think both mine and Joe Dixon WoC lists are a tad keen on Slaanesh. :)
    Sadly and not surprisingly Tzeentch Sorcerers lords on disks are the go, along with twin linked war shrines.