Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New 40k FAQ's out.

Hi guys,

just a quick post. New FAQ's for Rulebook, Orks, SM, GK.

The only major changes for the FAQ concern fliers on large oval bases (read: vendettas). In short, confirmation your wings count as your hull, so no more trying to argue you can move on 6 and fire all weapons, but they also made it so that you just count the base for the purposes of "is the vehicle in difficult terrain/area occupied by other models" so that becomes interesting :)

Virtually nothing of interest in the SM or GK FAQ's, it was all either common sense confirmed, or silly questions.
- GK Purgation squads cant shoot out of vehicles without firepoints with Astral Aim.
- Vehicle LD's can be modified by special rules for psychic tests.
- If a dreadnaught is immobilised by an exploding storm raven, it dies, ahhaha.
- RAD/Psychotroke don't apply multiple times
- SM Ironclads mess vehicles up big time in assault, so don't let them assault you, you big silly goose.

The orks had a few buffs, and one that I think people will still totally fail to understand.
- Waagh was moved to the beginning of the shooting phase. This was no doubt to stop people doing the whole "Dave Cleverly Shidy Incident", where they would roll all their Waaaghs first, and decide after all the run rolls whether they would then grant fleet to the units orn ot.
- Tankbusters got a bit of a nerf, no more running to avoid having to shoot a vehicle in LOS 250000000feet away.
- Some changes/clarification to big bombs, not that anyone ever used them anyway.
- Confirmation you can't destroy a deffrolla with a weapon destroyed result, who even asked this question?
- Confirmation that a walker can't hit back against a boarding plank attack. This was always a very contentious issue, I thought it was reasonably straight forward but people on the receiving end always seemed to find the issue a bit more mirky :)
- A bunch more common sense clarifications (yes, an attack squig adds a powerklaw attack, etc) and special character clarifications of no real consequence.

And lastly, the biggy, confirmation that vehicles are a 4+ save for KFF's, which almost everyone played anyway, but occasionally a few people were pretty desperate to downgrade it. What people will still get wrong, is how this interacts with Kans.
What it now says in the FAQ, is that only those within 6" of the KFF will be obscured.

When shooting at a squadron of walkers, to determine whether the squad has cover or not, you ignore that they are a squadron, and assess each kan individually. Is that one obscured? What about that one? And that one? You then work out whether you have a majority cover or not, and apply that effect to the unit. 1/3 obscured? No one gets cover. 2/3 obscured? Whole unit gets cover.
This confuses people as it's different to non vehicle units who only need a single model to get the 5+.

I can see now, people playing this 1 of 3 ways.
The first way: The right way, as described above. Majority to be in, or nothing.
The second way: People sticking one in for the 4+, and claiming the other 2 get a 5+. No buddy, none of them get a save at all in this scenario.
The third way: People taking a coversave for those that are within 6, and not taking one for those that are in. This just isn't how shooting at squadrons works.

Do go check them out though, rather than just my quick summaries. There's a bunch of common sense stuff in there that will surprise you that anyone ever played it any differently. HEAPPPPPPS of stuff in the ork one though.

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