Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wolves mega update-a-thon!

Hi All! I've been meaning to do this update for ages... so here goes.

Well, I'll not waste time with too much text, but I'll drown you in pictures ;)!

Firstly, I have finished all the vehicles, and decided to do some fairly heavy weathering on them. Here's a close up so you can see what I mean.

Weathering Closeup:

Razorback #1:

Closeup of the Turret:

Razorback #2:

Razorback #3:

Razorback Family Photo Shenanigans!:

Rhino #1:

Rhino #2:

Rhino #3:

Rhino #4:

Rhino Pile:

Third Grey Hunters Squad:

Fourth Grey Hunters Squad:

Fifth Grey Hunters Squad:

Sixth Grey Hunters Squad:

Alllll the grey hunters so far, where's a vindicator template when you need one?:

Still to finish is the runepriest/Njal-Nomates, and the half painted wolfguard. Other than that, the army is pretty much done.

Keen to hear your comments as always,
- Charlie


  1. Nice, that weathering really makes them look like the steel bohemoth's that they are.

    Sir you have here a simply beautiful army... Everything looks like a lot of effort has gone into it, weathering is really well done, but my favourite has to be the simple yet effective attention to detail across the board; the las-plas cableing, and the subtle differences in vehicle markings...

    I can tell you were real pleased with finishing the army, the "snow" bases really tie it all together :P

    Oh and Lucy and Jessica are terrified beyond all belief....

  3. I actually considered calling you last night, to call on your experience for making a baseboard look like a victim of a bukakke attack.
    I'm happy with how the baseboard looks with models on, but is a bit meh without. Though I'm glad it's not one of those boards that detracts from the army.

  4. I suppose it looks okay if you like Space Wolves :-)