Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who Needs Delta Force When You Play Skaven!!!!!!

Over the weekend I ran the second of the Warhammer Fantasy Campaign Weekends, The Horned Rat IV. The event attracted 20 gamers split into seven teams. There were five games over the two days. The armies were 2000 points (using Pete-Lite Comp), with the opportunity to add three sideboards of up to 100 points each.

My list was as follows:

Grey Seer – Earthing Rod, 4+ Ward
BSB – Standard of Discipline
Plague Priest – Furnace, Rival Hide Talisman, Ironcurse Icon, Dispel Scroll
Engineer – Doomrocket

25 Clanrats – Full Command, Shields
23 Clanrats – Full Command, Shields
40 Slaves
40 Slaves
39 Slaves

6 Gutter Runners – Poison, Slings
6 Gutter Runners – Poison, Slings
20 Plague Monks – Full Command, Banner of Under-Empire

Warplightning Cannon
Hell Pit Abomination

I had a sideboard but never used it.

Our objective was to destroy the Realm of Men and we started off by declaring “Disaster” on them and destroying their capital city.

Game 1 – Neil Williamson (Bretonnians) – Realm of Man – Meeting Engagement

Things started very poorly for Neil. Rolling for his army, both characters, unit of Knights, Questing Knights, Pegasus Knights and Trebuchet all decided not to turn up. Now this type of situation is a joy to the ultimate Alpha Strike army, the Skaven. Neil prayed and at the end of my first turn he had five models left on the table. Mounted Yeoman, Archers and Men at arms had all exited the table and the Errantry Knights and KotR had been reduced to three and two respectively.

This ended the battle as a contest and over the remaining turns I took all his models bar the lord and two Pegasus Knights.

Play of the Match: First Turn Plague

Game 2 – Glen Burfield (High Elves) – Meeting Engagement

Glen learned a pretty harsh lesson in this game. His army was partly depleted, no archers and no Dragon Princes, but he still set up on the 6” line putting us 12” apart when I positioned my army. Again I had chosen Plague lore and when I seized the initiative the game was effectively over as a contest.

The Elven spear were reduced from 40 to 19 by Plague and then hit with Vermintide. The Swordmaster unit copped the Doomrocket and from there it was just mopping up. Slaves into Spear and Abom and Furnace into Swordmasters…..

Play of the Match: First Turn Plague

Game 3 – Raymond Dick (Lizardmen) – Battleline

Ray’s list was led by a Carnosaur-toting Old-Blood. He also had two Skrox units, a Saurus block, an Ancient Stegadon and a unit of two Salamanders. In the Saurus block were two Scar-Vets on Cold Ones (including a BSB).

Prior to the game I had a plan and there is nothing more dangerous than a rat with a plan. This time I had taken Lore of Ruin, forgoing the 13th Spell for Skitterleap. I went first and put on my poker face. Ray let me get Skitterleap off and off when Mr. Whiskers to the extreme flank of the Lizard army. An Irresistable Force Crack’s call later and 3 kroxigors and two Scar vets were dead. I was disappointed I didn’t get one of the Carnosaur, Old-Blood or Ancient Stegadon.

The problem with a plan is that you must think of consequences and Mr. Whiskers, in his excitement hadn’t! In the next turn the Skrox unit on the flank turned and shot at the Grey Seer wounding him once. Then the Ancient Stegadon did the same with its blowpipes and Mr. Whiskers took a lot of wounds. As I said a Grey Seer with a plan is a dangerous thing – too himself!!!

The Salamanders were charged but fought off some Slaves while the Abom took out the Saurus and then turned onto the flank of the Sallies. One of my Doomseeking Engineers delayed the OldBlood but eventually he got into the front of the Plague Furnace, killing it and the Priest before running down the Monks. It had however taken wounds and eventually the Gutter Runners’ poisoned shots finished the big beastie off. The Old-blood charged a unit of Clanrats and promptly failed his Stubborn test, being run down to end the game.

The only other amusing interlude was the Steg going into the flank of some slaves and after winning the first round of combat, losing the second to a Muso (obviously scared of the handbell), failing his Stubborn and running away. He failed to rally the first time but did the second to save face.

Play of the Match: The Grey Seer’s Crack of Doom

So Day One ended with three wins. One of my Skaven teammates also got a win in the 3rd round so we had consolidated our position for a second day push. By now we had abandoned trying to kill the Realm of Men and decided that it was a printing error and we were supposed to go after the Elves.

Day Two to follow.

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