Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm going to be away for the next five days so new blog posts will be spasmodic.

Rather than blogging I'll be sitting by a pool (or on the beach) in Fiji taking in the sun. My Kindle is loaded with books, the iPad has the Empire Book and the Daemon Painting Guide on it. I'm not sure what internet access my hotel has but Vodafone's roaming rates preclude 3G net access ($10/MB).

Jack & Tom are looking after the cats - and I'm hoping that I come home to a swathe of Daemons that have been sprayed with their base colours.

Arch Enemy Charity Event

The Arch Enemy Charity Tournament is being run on Labour Weekend by Aaron Peters. The event will occur at the City Guard club in Auckland. Both Fantasy and 40k tournaments will be held.

You can find all details at the City Guard forums.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Horus Heresy "Betrayal" Teasers

Book 1 "Betrayal" contains rules for:
  • Sons of Horus/Luna Wolves
  • Death Guard
  • Emperor's Children
  • World Eaters
Each of these Legions (doesn't it sound nice saying "Legion" rather than "Renegade Allsorts") has a unique Special Rule.

Each Legion has unique Elite choice

The HQ options for each Legion have unique Wargear

There are Special Characters for each Legion should you want to use them BUT you don't have to use them to play the Legion.

There are rules for Primarchs but these are for Apocalypse games only.

Guess we can now confirm that Codex: Chaos Space Marines will be a re-hash of Gav Thorpe's previous load of dross.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More NZ ETC Analysis

Continuing on with the analysis, this next table looks at the strength of schedule (based on army) that each player had.

So given the armies that Dave Grant played against (for example), you would expect them to score 60.6 points over 6 games given their average results over the event.

It shows, for instance, that Rowan played the strongest schedule while Thomas had the weakest (based on average results). Dan butler's schedule, dominated by Skaven armies, was much closer to his overall score than first appeared.

At a headline level it looks like Mal, Dave and particularly Thomas were manevuered into "better" matchups at the expense of the others - particularly Rowan and Dan. Of course all this analysis is with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight!

ETC Analysis - New Zealand

The results for this year's ETC have been released and I've taken the data and analysed to look at the NZ Team performance. I have produced the following two tables which give a helicopter view of their games and results:

The first shows the NZ Player, their army their score and the average at this year's ETC for that army. Finally I have listed the six opponents they had.

The most striking thing is how well NZ's top four scoring players did against their army average. Dave G, Rowan and Thomas scored two points a game better than the average player for their race.

The second table shows the results for the various armies at the ETC - their average points, average poits for and against per game and how many countries took each army. It also shows how many times NZ played each race, who it played against them and the average points scored.

One thing that strikes me is that NZ put Skaven into a mirror match and matched Lizards vs. CDs, DE vs. DoC or VC and Dwarfs vs. Empire or Dark Elves. Apart from that there is little consistent pattern evident in the matches. The two CD v Liz matches ended 10-10 so it is a little surprising that we moved away from that in Round 6 and put WE against them. I suspect we may have been manevured into a situation where we had a number of poor potentials.

Looking at the NZ and the overall results I think in retrospect that Vampires would have been a better army choice than Wood Elves. The other countries clearly thought VC superior and the results bear this out.

Speaking of Elves, I'd say that the four dice limit on Shadow really hurt their overall performance given their reliance on Mindrazor to stand firm.

NZTC Gets First International Entry

The NZTC went international yesterday as the first overseas entry registered for the event. We have the first of what will hopefully be 2-3 Australian teams competing.

If you are looking to put together a team then I'd suggest that you register asap. Entry will be on a first in, first served basis.

The Players Pack with all the registration details is on this site - just click on NZTC

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NZTC - von Trapp Family

The von Trapp Family has finalised its line-up for the NZTC.

Joining three Dunns, is Hagen Kerr. Hagen has already started offering a series of ideas but has been told in no uncertain terms that rather than a "Julie Andrews" role he is more like Schnitzhauser the family daschaund.

Yes, there will be a lot of yapping but nobody should take any notice.

The scary thing for the von Trapps is trying to "cure" Hagen of the idea that he has discovered something that the rest of the world playing the rules for two years has missed. It may be a case that we have to get him a Dwarf as a chew toy.

Daemons R Us

Thanks to some of you and judicious use of eBay, over the past month I've been able to accummulate a far swag of metal Daemons.

Managed to collect:
  • 39 Bloodletters (Angry Axe)
  • 29 Daemonettes (Juan Diaz)
  • 11 Plaguebearers
  • 20 Horrors (Mr. Big Hands)
Still looking for some of the current Fiends of Slaanesh if anyone can help

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vermintide - One Day Fantasy Event

Neil Williamson and the Warlords are running a one day Fantasy event in November. It will be held at KPC Church Hall in Khandallah.

Neil has asked me to post up the Players Pack.

Hopefully the event will get a good turnout.

6th Ed Starter Set - White Dwarf Content

My White Dwarf arrived on Saturday giving me my first real look at the Starter Set minis.

I'm not a big fan of Dark Angels however I think GW have done a fantastic job with the new Deathwing. The models are great - really dynamic poses - and light years ahead of the SM Termies that were in the AOBR Starter Set. The rest of the loyalist lackeys are a bit "meh". I'm sure they are nice models and come from good families etc but I find them uninspiring - certainly unless I was a Dark Angels players I wouldn't be rushing to but.

The Chaos side is a totally different story. The Hellbrute is a truly impressive model - dynamic in pose and dominant in stature. And the Cultists are superb. The attention to detail evident on the models e.g. scarred Chaos stars etc is fantastic. The chosen are also great models but pale in comparison with the Cultists and Hellbrute.

I suspect the Dark Angels models (bar Terminators) will have limited re-sale value in comparison to the Chaos set. Certainly I expect the Cultists to be the most sought after models followed by the Deathwing and then rest of the Chaos offering. Don't expect much for the DA marines or Ravenwing

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

RHQ's Best Army General Icons

These are awarded for the player with the 3 highest ranking scores in that race over the past 12 months. Every now and then a gremlin gets into the system and icons disappear.

Here is my take on who the current holders are for each race:

Beastmen - Raymond Dick
Bretonnians - John Willenbruch
Chaos Dwarfs - Sam Whitt
Daemons - Tom Dunn
Dark Elves - James Page
Dwarfs - Thomas van Roekel
Empire - Rory Finnemore
High Elves - Graeme Fry
Lizardmen - Mal Patel
Ogres - Pete Dunn
(Savage) Orcs & (Night) Goblins - Hamish Forbes
Skaven - Daniel Butler
Tomb Kings - Tim Joss
Vampire Counts - Basil Moskovis
Warriors of Chaos - Ross Hillier-Jones
Wood Elves - Andy Hudson

NZ Teams Championship

I have been very enthused by the response to the announcement of the NZTC to be held in February.

As it stands 4 of the 12 spots have been filled (Raymond's Team, Sam's Team, Auckland Ex-Pats and, presuming I can rope in an Umpire, the Dunn Family) with firm interest from Christchurch and Palmerston North.

There is also interest from a number of individuals looking for teams. I will look to run a mail-order bride service providing the necessary introductions (though without the normal fee).

The event will be limited to 12 teams - 48 people - 24 tables - due to space constraints so if you and your posse/krew/homies or whatever patois you use to refer to your nerdy mates want to participate then start organising.

Given the interest I'll put together the Players Pack this weekend and distribute it. If you don't usually receive packs from me and would like one then email me at

ETC 2013

With this year's event completed I suspect most teams would have already begun planning for next year's event. From what I gather it is returning to Germany, to Munster the site of the 2009/10 competitions.

Reading the various threads on TWF the logistics, planning and politics of the event rival Operation Overlord.

What I would suggest is that any New Zealanders, either here in Godzone or overseas, who wish to participate in next year's event, make their interest known to a member of the 2012 team.Given the tyranny of distance the team normally has 2-3 new players come into the fold each year.

The results show that those teams who plan well, do well. So if you are keen to be part of the ETC experience then contact Dave Grant, Mark Skilton or Mal Patel and they will be able to give you details.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review - Chaos Daemons- Painting Guide (iBook)

Battered by the first virus bombs of the new hayfever season, yesterday I downloaded the GW iBook "Chaos Daemons - Painting Guide".

This is available in the UK iTunes Apple Store (in fact anywhere but New Zealand and Finland) and cost GBP 5.99 - basically $12.

The iBook is about 24 pages and covers each of the four Gods. You typically get 2-3 of the representative models for each Power - so for Khorne it was Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers.

The format is very simple. It takes you stage by stage through painting the figure - click on relevant stage and you see the outcome. Where it is good is that this is focused on army rather than Heavy Metal painting so the intention is to get above average tabletop figures in the field. The process is very straightforward and I think it achieves its goal. My only criticism is that I would like to have seen additional steps that gets you to a better finish.

Where it works well is that it demonstrates how to use the various new GW paints, washes and drybrushes to achieve a nice finish.

The major disappointment were the Slaanesh models. I had hoped we would be getting a stage by stage process to paint as per the release pictures. I was very interested in how they did the skin. Instead we got a new set of guides based on Ushabti Bone as the skin colour.

Those quibbles aside, I thought for $12 I got a very good, extremely interactive painting guide.

Forgeworld "Horus Heresy" Release Date Confirmed

The first book of Forgeworld's Horus Heresy journey has been confirmed for release at UK Games Day (weekend of 15/16 September).

The initial book will be called "Betrayal".

My own title would have been slightly different. I can't decide if "The Emperor is a Self-Obsessed Whiney Biatch" or "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" would have been the better title.

Still, mark UKGD as the date that the ghost of Pete Haines rises from the dead.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Progress Up That Hill

Earlier this year I posted that for any upcoming tournament that I organise the requirement that your army must be painted to a three colour minimum will be enforced.

While I appreciate that to some this may have appeared draconian the intention was to provide the incentive that people needed to get their armies "progressed" to a state where they meet this criteria.

Call to Arms didn't have this criteria but it was pleasing to see that a number had taken the message onboard (Hi Simon) and there was a marked improvement in the aesthetics of their army.

If any further incentive was needed the Fantasy players just needed to look at the Warmachine tables next door. For a long time the Warmahordes game has been, in my eyes, let down by a lax attitude to presentation. Bare metal or undercoated figures were the norm. Not at Call to Arms. Kudos to the TO Sean Ireland for insisting that to play armies had to be painted. And to the WM community for knuckling down and doing it. For me it was the best advertisement yet for their game.

So I feel that the insistence on a painted army is a good move....and it will remain a staple for the events I run.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Special Characters

So Call to Arms allowed Special Characters and the world hasn't ceased to turn.

Only one of the lists in the Top 10 had a SC and that was Tim Joss' Tomb Kings. He had Khalida in a block of 50 archers. The anecdotal feedback I received was that it wasn't the most fun list to play against but I'm not sure whether that was down to Khalida or the two Screaming Skull Catapults and the dual Caskets. The firepower from the army was sufficient to stop all but his last opponent's army contacting the block.

Certainly I think Tim found a very strong build where Khalida's worth was magnified given the rest of his list.

Michael Vercoe's Throgg list appeared to suffer from too many Trolls - he had 23 + Throgg - which meant he was very very one dimensional in terms of options. However despite that he finished a very credible 11th and I know his opponents enjoyed the list.

Neil Williamson's Green Knight provided an interesting twist for a standard Bretonnian list but was neither overpowered nor overly annoying (except when it came back a third time). James Milner's Tyrion was overpointed for his contribution. The same with Queek and his Stormvermin. I didn't hear any comments about Festus the Leechlord all weekend so I assume he was fine.

From my point of view, if I was revising the SCGT pack I'd consider limiting Khalida to 30 archers but other than that the SC on offer didn't bend the game.

New Zealand Team Championships

Over the past few years there has been talk of getting a teams competition up and running in New Zealand. There has been a lot of talk but no real movement so I have decided to take the bull by the horns.

Announcing the New Zealand Teams Championship for Warhammer Fantasy

The details are as follows:

When: 16/17 February 2013

Where: Khandallah, Wellington

Teams: Four people per team

Points: 2400 points

Rounds: Six rounds (4 Saturday, 2 Sunday)

Cost: $120 per team prior to October 31, $150 thereafter....remember entry is based on first come, first served. There will be even number of teams

Composition: SCGT v2.1 amended for subsequent books - NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS

Armies: Only one of each race per team

Teams: Limited to a maximum of 12

A Players Pack will be created in the next month and will be available by the end of September.

ETC Results

Over the weekend the ETC was held in Poland and or the third year in a row New Zealand had a team in the Fantasy competition. The team comprises:

Dave Grant (C) - Ogres
Mal Patel - Lizards
John Matthews - VC
Dave Meachen - Daemons
Thomas van Roekel - Dwarfs
Dan Butler - Skaven
Chris Wilcox - Wood Elves
Rowan Keating - Empire
Mark Skilton (Coach)

Five out of eight of the team have been to the event previously - Dave G, John and Chris being a part of all the NZ teams to date.

Here are the results:

This year's result is a marked improvement from 2011 but still down on the 10/11th Place they finished in 2010. I suspect the highlight for the New Zealand team was beating the Australians 85-75 on Saturday.

From the reports I've heard it sounds like the ETC lived up to its normal reputation as being the "World Cup" of Fantasy gaming.

The coverage this year coming out of the event was dire. In 2011, RankingsHQ provided fantastic coverage of the event with up to the minute results and interviews. they certainly overcame any problems they had had in 2010 when I suspect the two principals found it hard to compete and report. I'm not sure why they weren't retained this year because the coverage was awful. In the end it fell on the Bad Dice Podcast team to step into a very big gap. I don't know whether it is internet coverage or what but it would be great to see a reporting strategy as part of any future organizer's toolkit.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Media Coverage of Call to Arms

Both the national network TV3 were there and also the Wellington newspaper "The Dominion Post".

TV3's reporter Dan Parker wanted to interview a Fantasy player and I threw Kenny (James Milner) under the bus. The interview can be found here - both print and video.

The Dominion Post articles is here

Paul Graham one of the original "Warlords" at the Call to Arms convention celebrating 40 years of the Wellington Warlords

Call to Arms Fantasy Results

Here are the results for the Call to Arms Fantasy competition held over the weekend.

Best Painted went to Sam Whitt with Joel van de Ven-Long second. Best Sports to Josh Kennedy with James Millington 2nd.

This was Tom's first tournament win after he placed 3rd at NatCon. It was Tim's first North Island win.

My predictions were reasonably spot-on. My Top 5 all finished in the Top 7. Sam and Joel pushed their armies in to spoil my party.

Sam was leading going into the last round where he lost to Tim (15-5). Tom pulled out a 20-0 over Raymond to jump from 3rd.

Interested to get some feedback on what people thought of Special Characters being included. Only one army in the Top 8 (10?) had one - Tim's Tomb Kings. However while Khalida strengthened the list the two Catapults and two Caskets made it pretty nasty to start with.

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Starter Box - "Dark Vengeance" Pictures

Here are the pictures of the new 6th Edition Start Box Set due out next month.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Call to Arms Fantasy Predictions

Tomorrow is Call to Arms and Fantasy has 24 participants. I posted the lists yesterday - sans Michael Vercoe (whose list was left out the final spreadsheet). One eagle-eyed reader picked up an illegal list and that is being rectified as we speak. I get to play policemen and intone "Rules are not guidelines, you know".

So what's going to happen?

Well we have 6 players in the Top 20 ranked players competing - Tim Joss, Tom Dunn, Mike King, Raymond Dick, Sam Whitt and Neil Williamson.

Any reasoned analysis says that we can forget the last two of these. If Sam was using Chaos Dwarfs maybe but taking his Orcs & goblins means that he has already written his excuses. Not that O&G aren't competitive, rather the act of taking them seems to betray a defeatist attitude - "But I was playing O&G", as if that explains everything.

Neil's taking his Brets. I don't think that they are going to enjoy all the Undead and I can't see how they can beat the Daemons.

So of the remaing four Top Rankers, I think Tim has the best list. However I'll qualify that by saying he has the best list against the full field but there are one or two people that will cause him headaches. If he hits them then dual caskets, dual catapults and Khalida and her crew mighn't be enough to save him. These lists are those with a degree of speed to get into the squishy stuff....It will be fascinating to see.

Tom's list sees the last hurrah for his flamers before they are retired (thanks GW). Strong list should see him in the top five. Raymond's list looks strong and I suspect him and Mike to do well.

Outside these guys, I can only see one threat and that's Reid. He and Ray have similar lists and I expect Reid to be on the podium.

I'm sure others will feel I am being overly harsh on their chances, the "War of the Beard" coalition of High Elves and Dwarfs chief among them. But seriously, Dwarfs? They will be doing well if their opponents last the weekend awake.

And High Elves. Well, Kenny has been in the UK for the past two years and if he thinks that that plus him bringing Tyrion is enough to elevate him from also-ran to contender, it says more about his generation's sense of entitlement!

So my Top Five in no particular order - Mike King, Raymond Dick, Reid Pittams, Tim Joss and Tom Dunn.

You'll note no South Islanders apart from Tim. I don't know what they get up to in Christchurch, and I don't want to know.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Call to Arms Fantasy Lists

You can access the Call to Arms lists for the Fantasy competition here

Work over the past few days has grown the field to 24 participants.

As Umpire I think that the most interesting list is James Millington's Queek list. It's the sort of list I'd like to play if I wasn't such a "gamey c%#t".

Comp was the latest edition of SCGT

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Race For the Masters - August Update

Looking at last weekend's Tin Soldier results, there was little chance in the battle for Masters invites. Phil Wu dropped out of the Top 20 even though he finished 5th (he was defending last year's 3rd Place with greater numbers).

The big mover was Rob Sadler who added a third result to his ranking score. This pushed him up to 8th.

This weekend sees Call to Arms and there are a couple of players defending scores. Last year's winner Mike King needs to finish in the Top 3 to improve his ranking while the highest ranked participant Tim Joss needs to win the event to improve his.

Good results from Raymond Dick, Tom Dunn, Basil Moskovis, Sam Whitt and Neil williamson will see them improve their scores.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Characters at CTA Fantasy

Special Characters have been allowed for the first time in years for a Wellington event. There are 22 participants and after checking their lists we have:

Khalida (Tomb Kings)
Throgg the Troll King (Warriors of Chaos)
Festus the Leechlord (Warriors of Chaos)
The Green Knight (Bretonnians)
Tyrion (High Elves)

Of these the most worrying is Khalida as there are no surprises what unit she will be in given there is a unit of 50 Skeleton Bowmen. 2x 50 shots always hitting on 4s and poison is going to shred a lot of armies. It will be interesting to see which armies get to the block.

It will also be interesting to get thoughts on Special Characters post the event :-)

Call to Arms 40k

I must say I am very surprised by the lack of sign-up for 40k at Call to Arms. Numbers are less than 16, I believe.

This is the region's first 6th Edition event - and only one of two Wellington 40k events in the past 12 months. I expected people to be busting their chops to be trying the new rules in a tournament setting.

The weak response, on top of falling numbers at Fields of Blood and the lack of local events, appears to indicate that 40k is a dying tournament game locally. This is a real change from the past decade when 40k ruled supreme in Wellington.

Thoughts on why this is so?

Skitterleap on in late October

Skitterleap will be held in Wellington on the weekend of 27/28 October.

Already have 10 signups so expecting numbers to go close to 30. May drop a few due to university exams but in reality they need to HTFU - remember anything more than a C is a waste of effort! Oh wait, university has changed since I was tutored by Aristotle.

The Players Pack (including comp) has been posted on this blog previously. The only change is the removal of the restrictions on Flamers in the Daemons of Chaos army given the update delivered in White Dwarf this month.

Friday, August 10, 2012

6th Ed Boxed Set Contents Confirmed and Pending FAQs

The contents of the 6th Edition Boxed Set are pretty much confirmed to be as per the earlier post

The only thing that was not correct is that the Chaos forces don't have a Dread. Instead a vehicle/Monstrous Creature called a Hellbrute will be included.

The first set of FAQs for 6th Edition appeared on GW Spain's website in the past 24 hours. Rather than post a translated set, here's a heads up that the Shrine of knowledge on your local GW site should be seeing a set soon.

Upcoming Tournaments - Here & There

In 2008 Dave Grant established Tin Soldier at the Onehaunga RSA. He ran it for two years before returning to Hull - a place that makes Onehaunga look like Paris.

This year Derick Williams is organising the event and he has upped the points to 2800 while limiting armies to one Lord choice. In addition, this has been dubbed Monster-Con and each of the armies participating must have some sort of big gribbly. The event has attracted 16 people and this weekend they will fight it out. Having seen the lists it looks like it should be a lot of fun.

Next weekend is Call to Arms here in Wellington. i dropped out of playing in the event to umpire and have spent the last week checking lists - first for overall legality and second that they are legal given the comp restrictions. This event is the first one for awhile to allow Special Characters. To date I have only had one included in any of the lists but it appears the heavy hitters are waiting until the last day (today) to submit their lists. There have been some late additions and the field is now up to 22 people.

Finally, next weekend is the ETC in Poland. Here they will compete in a game that bears a passing resemblence to Warhammer (just joking). I'm expecting the New Zealand team to finish somewhere between 10-15 in the rankings. A result higher than 10th would be an extremely good result. I am expecting that they will finish comfortably higher than Australia who I suspect will take their customary shellacking at the hands of Team England in the Ashes. Good luck to both the NZ and Australians at the event.

For the first time Australia is sending a 40k team to the ETC. Josh "Barely Says Anything" Diffey confidently told me that he is expecting big things. Unfortunately Josh the ability to finish 10th at Fields of Blood while admirable given your countrymen's past efforts isn't what I call "good form". I'm expecting Australia to be the recipient of this year's "We're not in Kansas now, Toto" award. There will be blood.....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How Not to do Digital

The faint rumbling that you here in the background may be the indication that all is not well in Warmachine land this week.

On Monday Privateer Press released their app for Warma-hordes and apparently all is not well. The company has barely put a foot wrong in the eyes of the Warmachine-ers but this could be their first stumble.

Until now there has been a free app, iBodger which allowed players to write lists on their smartphone. With the imminent release of PP's "War-Room", the fan-driven iBodger was issued with a friendly cease-and-desist order. However upon release War-Room has proved to be a real dog - delayed, lacking in beta testing, overpromising and underdelivering. Warmachine fans have been venting, not only on the PP forums but across the wider net.

Granted, the scope and promised features for War-Room were wider than iBodger but it appears even basic functionality is compromised. Hopefully for the players, Privateer Press will address the problems quickly or allow the iBodger tool a way back.

This sort of PR gaff is something you generally expect from GW - pricing policy, embargo - so it will be interesting to see how it will be addressed.

Meta and the Release Schedule

It is four months since the last Warhammer Army Book was released (Empire in April) and I am starting to get withdrawal symptons. Yes, GW issued the Daemons of Chaos update but it given the suspected release schedule it means that we won't see a new book until October at least. That will represent a gap of six months which feels too long.

The release of a new book is not just important for that race - in terms of models and rules. A good book will also change the meta. In the past two years the best example of this is the Ogre book but the changes to the game were reinforced in both the Vampire Counts and Empire books. We have increasingly seen the rise of the "Deathstar" over the past 12 months with all three books supporting at least one build.

In response other armies have adopted a similar build - Dark Elves for instance - joining other armies that previously utilised this build Daemons and Warriors.

The meta has forced a response to this and one way it is seen is in choice of magic items. This time a year ago the Sword of Anti-Heroes, for instance, was very rare. Now it is a staple to combat the deathstar providing an extra attack and extra strength for each enemy character the wielder's unit is in base contact with. Your opponent shoe-horns in three characters then suddenly you have 3 extra attacks and +3 strength.

Similarly the rise of armour - seen particularly with Mournfang and Demigryphs - requires a response from opposing armies. And so the game shifts.

The internet (and digital media) accelerates the meta and the response process so that nothing is a secret or "new" for long. That is why you need new books - to throw the pieces up in the air - requiring new responses. And it is also why six months is too long between books. New army books are how the game as a whole evolves.

And evolution is good. Without it we might as well all play Dwarfs (where meta is just a word missing one or two letters)!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GW Release First Warhammer Army Book on Digital

Overnight GW released its first digital Army Book on iBooks. This is the Empire book.

I'm looking forward to downloading it this evening to get a feel for what GW can achieve.

Unfortunately it is only available via an Apple device (sorry Jack) and only if you don't live in New Zealand or Finland (due to copyright laws).

Hopefully both these issues will be addressed in the near future as even the old stegasaurus can see digital is the way of the future.

Fur Continues to Fly

Mike and I had another “Battle of the Fur” on Saturday afternoon. My list had changed a bit from the previous week. I went with:

Seer on Bell

BSB with Discipline
Warlock with Doomrocket and Condenser
Warlock with Scroll

35 Clanrats
30 Stormvermin with Swiftness
3x 40 Slaves
2 Rat Darts

2x 9 Gutter Runners


Mike had brought in a scroll and a BSB, sacrificing one Shaman. This week we played Blood & Glory, Mike had 6 Fortitude while I had 5 (four of which were concentrated in Bell unit).

From my point of view the key units in Mike’s list were the Bestigors and the two Minotaur units. They alone had the potential to break the Bell unit. My plan was to direct shots onto the Bestigors and warplightning at the Minotaurs (cannon, wheel, magic). I got lucky with my Doomrocket shot hitting 19/20 Bestigor and killing 15 on Turn One. That Bestigor unit has taken a pounding in the last few weeks! They were finished off by the HPA (I’ve recently taken to using the HPA and Wheel centrally rather than on the flanks. Together they create a real conundrum for opponents due to having to contend with two random movers. Mike looked to charge a unit of slaves with Minotaurs and supporting chariot but the chariot came up short. This left the Minotaurs stuck in combat where they could be targeted by poisoned shots and warplightning. Eventually this proved fatal.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Call for Daemonic Reinforcements

I'm after some metal Chaos Daemons if anybody has some sitting gathering dust.

The ones I want are:

  • Metal Bloodletters (Axe not sword) - so last sculpt (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Plaguebearers (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Daemonettes - Juan Diaz sculpt i.e the petite ones with tentacle hair (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Fiends (Current My Little Pony sculpts) (5e 40k; 7e WHFB)
  • Big Hand Blue and Pink Horrors (4/5e WHFB; 2e 40k)
No amount too small....want to add to existing units.
If you can help contact me and we can work out a suitable transactin

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Not been much hobby for me recently as three other activities take the forefront.

First, the Olympics are on. I love the Olympics. To me it really is a pinnacle in that it really is about performance on the day. The Men’s 250km Cycling Road Race was a real case in point – the Brit Cavendish was unbackable favourite yet his tactics didn’t work and he didn’t change them in time. Now he might be week-in, week-out the best in the world but the Gold Medal is going back to Kazakhstan. Looking forward to another 10 days of drama. New Zealand only has one medal to date (I don’t count Equestrian as a true Olympic sport), but we have rowing finals this weekend.

Secondly, I have been reading Conn Iggulden’s “Conqueror” series. It is about the rise of the Mongol nation and the transformation of disparate tribes into the most efficient military machine the world has seen. It is a fascinating read. I started as a historicals gamer and my favourite army has always been the Mongol force. When I was at school I made them out of Airfix plastic US Cavalry figures before buying a 15mm Mike’s Models Mongol army (my first metal army). I took it to the first NatCon I attended (1982) and still have it. Three or four years ago I bought a 28mm Steve Barber Figures Mongol Conquest army, even tough I rarely play. I’ve painted that up and after reading these books I’m keen to get it on the table.

Finally, I’ve rediscovered Civ III PC game. I love the game even though Jack and Tom will tell you I play it badly. I’m currently locked in a game where my Mongols (of course) are battling four other Civs of similar size. It is getting to the critical time – I just sacrificed my technological lead for a land grab trying to secure uranium to add to my nuclear deterrent – where a world war is inevitable. Addictive, I can quite happily spend 3-4 hours a night planning my survival. Once this game is finished I’m keen to play some of the fan-written Mongol scenarios.

So that has curtailed my hobby for the last month or so. Need to re-focus and get some VC done.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Fields of Blood just had its most successful month ever with just on 25,000 unique visits.

The growth over the past two years has been very gratifying and I just want to say thanks.

I appreciate the time you take to read my ramblings (and those of Charlie and Jack when they make their posts) and especially those of you who take the time to post comments.


Call to Arms Approaches

Call to Arms is coming up in just over a fortnight and lists are due in soon.

While I had signed up to play I am probably going to pull the pin and give the Umpire for both the Fantasy and 40k events a hand. Hagen Kerr is umpiring both and I suspect that he will have his hands full with 40k 6th Ed rollout so I'll endeavour to help him by running Fantasy.

With that being the case I may pull out the "Blood in the Badlands" book and see if there is a suitable scenario I can run as a demonstration game.

For those of you playing, remember to get your lists in on time.

Heelanhammer Calls It A Day

Last week Heelanhamer announced its last show. Apparently the drive and commitment had gone and I believe that they made the brave (and right) decision to end it before they became a parody of themselves.

Ober the past 3.5 years, Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp have delivered a very strong product and given those of us not in the UK an insight into UK tournament gaming. The content has generally been split into Dan's tournament endeavours with first Lizards, then VC, Brets and finally Skaven and Wayne's hobby projects (I think over the time Wayne must have started almost a dozen armies, only to change his mind two/three weeks later).

The best thing has been that it was all down with good humour. I'll certainly miss the show. Thanks guys.

"It's better to burn-out, than it is to rust"

Istavaan Beckons

The more I read about Forgeworld's venture into the Horus Heresy, the more excited I become. Information emerged at Chicago Games Day that the book will be released at Games Day UK (weekend 15/16 September)....just after  before Codex:CSM.

However the key information is that the book will contain lists for the major protagonists and will be based around "events" in the Heresy. The first book will be focused on the events in the Istavaan system, I'm guessing the dropsite massacre on V and the chem-bombing of III.

Importantly it has been stated that the book is standalone i.e. you won't need another codex to use in associated. Therefore it won't be add-ons to CSM, rather distinct Traitor Legion lists. In this it will follow the precedent set by the Chaos Dwarf list released by Warhammer Forge.

I can see that this is where my 40k gaming will be focussed....lists from a 30k universe.

You've gotta think that this release is a license for FW/GW to print money.

Edit: And there is strong indications that there will be rules and models for Dramatis Personae and models for Primarchs