Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heelanhammer Calls It A Day

Last week Heelanhamer announced its last show. Apparently the drive and commitment had gone and I believe that they made the brave (and right) decision to end it before they became a parody of themselves.

Ober the past 3.5 years, Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp have delivered a very strong product and given those of us not in the UK an insight into UK tournament gaming. The content has generally been split into Dan's tournament endeavours with first Lizards, then VC, Brets and finally Skaven and Wayne's hobby projects (I think over the time Wayne must have started almost a dozen armies, only to change his mind two/three weeks later).

The best thing has been that it was all down with good humour. I'll certainly miss the show. Thanks guys.

"It's better to burn-out, than it is to rust"

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