Monday, August 6, 2012

A Call for Daemonic Reinforcements

I'm after some metal Chaos Daemons if anybody has some sitting gathering dust.

The ones I want are:

  • Metal Bloodletters (Axe not sword) - so last sculpt (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Plaguebearers (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Daemonettes - Juan Diaz sculpt i.e the petite ones with tentacle hair (3/4e 40k; 6e WHFB)
  • Metal Fiends (Current My Little Pony sculpts) (5e 40k; 7e WHFB)
  • Big Hand Blue and Pink Horrors (4/5e WHFB; 2e 40k)
No amount too small....want to add to existing units.
If you can help contact me and we can work out a suitable transactin


  1. What do you think of the new Plaguebearers? I like them, and with a suitably grimy dirty paint job could come up rather nice. I don't like the comical nurglings on the plaguebearer bases. Is Tom thinking of adding any of the new units to his army?

  2. Hate them with a passion, hence keen to get older models

    Look like they were painted by guy who painted the Savage Orcs and Minotaurs.

    Tom's looking at Screamers - we have eight - and I think Papa Nurgle will make a return. Remember CTA is old book

    I like the new Slaaneshstuff and may buy some of those.

    Set up "Pete's Mowing" franchise

  3. I have all of them, barring the the metal fiends. Sadly Pete I'm not will to part with them, once entering the vortex that is my garage they may never leave. I just thought I'd torment you.

  4. Speaking of hard to find....i just bought a mint condition in the box, Empire Warwagon. Epic - when Fantasy dreams come true!

  5. C'mon Rory feed the backs

    You know Daemons have to fly to reach their full potential. They can't achieve if they hide their light in your garage.

    Circle of life, circle of life

    1. Apparently Rory is a hoarder! I also bid on the war wagon! Classic WHFB model. LookIng forward to maybe playing Rory's 17 man knight bus on the weekend

  6. Yes I am a filthy hoarder. My garage is like a Mecca for GW. Just bought a mint condition Hero Quest with Return of the Witch lord expansion. Really interested in the expansions (unpainted) - Kellars Keep -Ogre Hoard - Wizards of Morcar (Rare). Would be willing to trade/trade with money some of my rare items for these expansions to the Hero Quest game.