Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Progress Up That Hill

Earlier this year I posted that for any upcoming tournament that I organise the requirement that your army must be painted to a three colour minimum will be enforced.

While I appreciate that to some this may have appeared draconian the intention was to provide the incentive that people needed to get their armies "progressed" to a state where they meet this criteria.

Call to Arms didn't have this criteria but it was pleasing to see that a number had taken the message onboard (Hi Simon) and there was a marked improvement in the aesthetics of their army.

If any further incentive was needed the Fantasy players just needed to look at the Warmachine tables next door. For a long time the Warmahordes game has been, in my eyes, let down by a lax attitude to presentation. Bare metal or undercoated figures were the norm. Not at Call to Arms. Kudos to the TO Sean Ireland for insisting that to play armies had to be painted. And to the WM community for knuckling down and doing it. For me it was the best advertisement yet for their game.

So I feel that the insistence on a painted army is a good move....and it will remain a staple for the events I run.


  1. Agree 100%. Same with not have assembled miniatures.Hate fighting riderless cav figs or artillery with no crew

    1. Dont knock the etheral loading crew! =P
      Crew mean nothing now in game terms anyway

    2. Apart from being able to hide the machine easier and giving you more space to deploy other units

    3. Huh? The crew ate just wound markers, if you can see the crew that does not provide Los to the machine nor do they impact movement in any way. Therefore there's no reason to bother with them...

    4. @ Meals: The machine don't shoot by themselves (at least most do not). Rules aside, the aesthetics of the game suffer tremendously from incomplete models, imo. I have recently been refusing to play vs armies who are not even fully assembled. I do not require WYSIWYG, but some weapons have to be present...

    5. And wizards can turn into dragons, could they not make warmachines work too? Btw i personally detest realism arguments :-)

      Don't get me wrong I have them if Id painted them, but on overall prioritiethy get are the last thing i waste my time with. As long as there's a complete warmachine on the table, I couldn't care less about you having the crew. That's me though.

  2. glad to see that the warmachine deployment phase no longer starts with open the blister pack. it used to be really horrible to play against in 40k.

    having painted models should be the expectation not the exception.

    proxying models is OK in training games when you are trying out a list (what looks good on paper may not work on the table) but you need to be putting in time to paint the models so they get finished.

    There's even some battle reports up on youtube about CTA warmachine and that game has a death clock so less time for mucking about.

  3. :D. Thanks for the recognition Pete. I slowly worked my way up and my goal was to get the army painted before Call to Arms so I was pleased. But I think my army tends to look like all the brightly colored DBMM ancient armies!

    Which is a good thing eh Pete?