Thursday, August 16, 2012

Call to Arms Fantasy Lists

You can access the Call to Arms lists for the Fantasy competition here

Work over the past few days has grown the field to 24 participants.

As Umpire I think that the most interesting list is James Millington's Queek list. It's the sort of list I'd like to play if I wasn't such a "gamey c%#t".

Comp was the latest edition of SCGT


  1. Don't get sucked in by the fluff-James M's wizard's hat is pure filth!

    Joel V

  2. There are definately some hard lists submitted. I could be bringing a knife to a gun fight but we will see. Are there fluffy Skaven lists.....

  3. Yeajh Sam, you and you 6 war machines are all fluff and bunnies... ;-)

  4. Fear the spear I hit you on 5's and misfire on 1's..owwwww yeah. :) If I had more i would have taken more for fun.

  5. teehee - queek enhanced stormvermin full of skavenbrew with wildform on them ;)

  6. Artillery + Rerolls = Fun times for me!

    I mean my GTs can re roll a misfire and the scatter, and even if that happens I can reroll the result as well!

    Now if I only could do that with my organ gun :(

  7. I feel so sorry for you....not. :) I will just relax and have a sleep during your shooting phases haha