Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Istavaan Beckons

The more I read about Forgeworld's venture into the Horus Heresy, the more excited I become. Information emerged at Chicago Games Day that the book will be released at Games Day UK (weekend 15/16 September)....just after  before Codex:CSM.

However the key information is that the book will contain lists for the major protagonists and will be based around "events" in the Heresy. The first book will be focused on the events in the Istavaan system, I'm guessing the dropsite massacre on V and the chem-bombing of III.

Importantly it has been stated that the book is standalone i.e. you won't need another codex to use in associated. Therefore it won't be add-ons to CSM, rather distinct Traitor Legion lists. In this it will follow the precedent set by the Chaos Dwarf list released by Warhammer Forge.

I can see that this is where my 40k gaming will be focussed....lists from a 30k universe.

You've gotta think that this release is a license for FW/GW to print money.

Edit: And there is strong indications that there will be rules and models for Dramatis Personae and models for Primarchs


  1. Sounds very interesting. I was wondering if they where just going to make books based around one or more legions/factions or based around actual events.

    With these insights suggesting the books will be based around events, we may get the ability to field factions/legions based on a timeline ie one or two Emperors Children only had minor augmentations enacted in Istavaan III, but come the drop zone massacre, they where sporting legion wide augmentation and sonic weapons. Likewise the Death Guard where still generally physically untouched during Istavaan.

    We could end up with being able to play early/mid/late war legions like FoW

  2. Interesting stuff. Am pretty new to 40k so this may be a dumb question but will this book be allowed in tournaments do you think? Or will it more be for friendly/social gaming?

  3. Finally! Something to generate some excitement. The rumours of the new codex are not awe inspiring, but this sounds like a winner!

  4. If Forgeworld follow the pattern of the Imperial armour books 3-11 (and with 8 books that's got to be a successful template) they will do campaign rules about the big events from the heresey. So there will likely be several different armies featured along with background material and scenarios and game rules.

    Probably not likely to be 40K tournament legal but who knows, if they take off people might run 30K universe events. might make a good campaign weekend with teams of loyalists and traitors refighting Istvaan in a what iff campaign.