Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Characters at CTA Fantasy

Special Characters have been allowed for the first time in years for a Wellington event. There are 22 participants and after checking their lists we have:

Khalida (Tomb Kings)
Throgg the Troll King (Warriors of Chaos)
Festus the Leechlord (Warriors of Chaos)
The Green Knight (Bretonnians)
Tyrion (High Elves)

Of these the most worrying is Khalida as there are no surprises what unit she will be in given there is a unit of 50 Skeleton Bowmen. 2x 50 shots always hitting on 4s and poison is going to shred a lot of armies. It will be interesting to see which armies get to the block.

It will also be interesting to get thoughts on Special Characters post the event :-)


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    1. I've turned all I've received with 3-4 hours Sam....know some were late and some only hit my Inbox this morning. They'll get done as soon as I get home from work

    2. Yeah sorry for the holdup - I didn't think I was playing until Hagen asked me for my list :)

      Add Queek to the list of SCs


  2. So I think what this shows is the majority of SCs are actually worse than normal characters and won't be taken...

    Two of the SCS actuallys taken are worse than equivalent characters anyway... Tyrion and the Green Knight are worse than what an equivalent Lord gives the army point for point, having played both of them for multiple games

    It's funny how warhammer perception works...

    As for Khalida, she's only bad if you have a stupid three block list... Anyone with a decent number of units doesn't care, as 50shots can only shoot one unit and the return on investment dwindles. Tyrion can't wait to say hi to Khlida :-)

    Glad we got to 22 players, was a bit worried there for a while!

  3. Sorry mate didn't mean to sound rude.

    1. You didn't sound rude at all mate. The lists have been going through Hagen because that what was in the pack. Double-handing the lists delays it a bit. I'm pretty sure we'll get something out tonight.

      There have been a few wrong - mainly WOC players paying discounted BRB price for CMI - though only one that blew the Comp restrictions.

      The real problem - besides some slackness on getting lists in - is that I believe Warlords website has crashed which has restricted access to the PP. On that basis I'd be loath to see any penalties applied.

    2. Yeah I had to mail Hagen for the PP to confirm my list was correct, after finding out the deadline was 5pm and having to make something up at work from memory...

      Oh and dont hate on the Khalida list =P The hate towards archery amuses me. I am surprised on the lack of SC's turning up though, given this is one of very few events that allow them

      Sam, you taking your Chaos Dwarfs? If so, GRUDGE MATCH :)

  4. Hi Tim. Nah mate gone back to my Green roots. Haven't used the greenies(whitees)in a tournament for a while so wanted to run them again. I don't think my Kdaaii would have stood up the archers mate, one round of shooting and down it goes!!

    1. Lol that was the idea. One round no Kdaai =P

  5. One more thing, if anyone has a place for me to crash on the Friday or Sat night it would be much appreciated. Sat would be best. Thanks guys.

  6. I thought there might be more SCs as well. However for some armies the offer very little. I know when I was looking at either Skaven nothing inspired from a tournament point of view. Still I'd like to use Thanquol one day.

    I believe Tomb kings have three viable characters:
    Arkhan the Black

    Certainly think any of the three make interesting list.

  7. To be honest, I couldnt remember the cost of Arkhan at work, or I would have built a list based on him. Using Ramotep aswell, making 6 knights with rerollable 3+ save and 40 TG with prince giving them WS5, hatred, and frenzy, not to mention the L5 wizard...

    TK lucked out a little on rules, but got a bunch of decent SC to make up for it.

  8. Bloody broken TK's.... Is Khalida a wizard?

  9. Nope Just a TK (or prince i forget)

  10. Who needs Special characters when you have five artillery pieces!

    Oh, and Pete, thought I would just mention I finished painting and basing my dwarfs. Now just to get off my skinny arse and post some pics on my blog ;D.

    1. Pfft 5, I have 6. Admittedly they are crewed by Gobbos but hey...throw enough shit, some will stick. Will be good to see your painted stuff Simon.