Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More NZ ETC Analysis

Continuing on with the analysis, this next table looks at the strength of schedule (based on army) that each player had.

So given the armies that Dave Grant played against (for example), you would expect them to score 60.6 points over 6 games given their average results over the event.

It shows, for instance, that Rowan played the strongest schedule while Thomas had the weakest (based on average results). Dan butler's schedule, dominated by Skaven armies, was much closer to his overall score than first appeared.

At a headline level it looks like Mal, Dave and particularly Thomas were manevuered into "better" matchups at the expense of the others - particularly Rowan and Dan. Of course all this analysis is with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight!

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  1. Yeah, I kept playing Skaven to save the lads from the task. However my army wasn't particularly strong vs Skaven, and I faced 4 Stormbanners. VC were a glaring absence from our line-up. Great experience though, top chaps all round.