Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skitterleap on in late October

Skitterleap will be held in Wellington on the weekend of 27/28 October.

Already have 10 signups so expecting numbers to go close to 30. May drop a few due to university exams but in reality they need to HTFU - remember anything more than a C is a waste of effort! Oh wait, university has changed since I was tutored by Aristotle.

The Players Pack (including comp) has been posted on this blog previously. The only change is the removal of the restrictions on Flamers in the Daemons of Chaos army given the update delivered in White Dwarf this month.


  1. If anyone is looking to offload some plague censers they don't use I'm looking to buy some.

    1. And it would help if it stopped signing me out of blogger for some reason, It's Dave Appleby thats looking for Plague Censers :)

      Dave A

    2. Dave,

      I have some of the previous edition, already painted