Friday, August 24, 2012

NZ Teams Championship

I have been very enthused by the response to the announcement of the NZTC to be held in February.

As it stands 4 of the 12 spots have been filled (Raymond's Team, Sam's Team, Auckland Ex-Pats and, presuming I can rope in an Umpire, the Dunn Family) with firm interest from Christchurch and Palmerston North.

There is also interest from a number of individuals looking for teams. I will look to run a mail-order bride service providing the necessary introductions (though without the normal fee).

The event will be limited to 12 teams - 48 people - 24 tables - due to space constraints so if you and your posse/krew/homies or whatever patois you use to refer to your nerdy mates want to participate then start organising.

Given the interest I'll put together the Players Pack this weekend and distribute it. If you don't usually receive packs from me and would like one then email me at


  1. This is a great concept and hopefully it finds the support in the community to become a regular event on the calender.
    Thanks for stepping up and organizing it Pete

    I'm keen to attend if there is a spot on anyones team

  2. *sniff* *sniff* I smell a team Wairarapa being made as we speak!

    1. I thought that was curry I could smell. You going to establish a selective breeding program?

  3. Odds are on for one Nerdyman team consisting of Tom V, Henry P, Graeme F and I (Rory)....
    Will give you another update when the boys are back in NZ. At this stage a 95% probability of turning up.

  4. Team GB will be heading down! Really good to have this on the scene. Cheers Jb

  5. Firm interest from 7 teams so far.

    I also have the following players looking for teams (with my understanding of their armies):

    Tim Joss (TKs, O&G)
    Dave Appleby (Skaven)
    Josh Kennedy (Dark Elves, Wood Elves)
    James Millington (Skaven)
    Mathew Collett (High Elves)