Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Race For the Masters - August Update

Looking at last weekend's Tin Soldier results, there was little chance in the battle for Masters invites. Phil Wu dropped out of the Top 20 even though he finished 5th (he was defending last year's 3rd Place with greater numbers).

The big mover was Rob Sadler who added a third result to his ranking score. This pushed him up to 8th.

This weekend sees Call to Arms and there are a couple of players defending scores. Last year's winner Mike King needs to finish in the Top 3 to improve his ranking while the highest ranked participant Tim Joss needs to win the event to improve his.

Good results from Raymond Dick, Tom Dunn, Basil Moskovis, Sam Whitt and Neil williamson will see them improve their scores.


  1. I know I am already out of the running...

    16th currently, poor result at monster con, similar numbers at Tauranga (14 ish) means I can't improve past current total. I won't be at Guardcon (I want to stay married!) and wellington in term 4 is unlikely given how close it is to NCEA exams...

    ah well, have to try again next year!

    good luck to all

  2. Pete, I was gonna suggest, that since I'm actually still gonna be around now, having finally found a job, and there's pretty much no hope of me qualifying for the Masters, do you want me to TO the thing so you can play?

    It seems silly to not have the no.1 player in NZ playing at the Masters after all.

  3. Damn it, you have cursed me now