Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review - Chaos Daemons- Painting Guide (iBook)

Battered by the first virus bombs of the new hayfever season, yesterday I downloaded the GW iBook "Chaos Daemons - Painting Guide".

This is available in the UK iTunes Apple Store (in fact anywhere but New Zealand and Finland) and cost GBP 5.99 - basically $12.

The iBook is about 24 pages and covers each of the four Gods. You typically get 2-3 of the representative models for each Power - so for Khorne it was Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers.

The format is very simple. It takes you stage by stage through painting the figure - click on relevant stage and you see the outcome. Where it is good is that this is focused on army rather than Heavy Metal painting so the intention is to get above average tabletop figures in the field. The process is very straightforward and I think it achieves its goal. My only criticism is that I would like to have seen additional steps that gets you to a better finish.

Where it works well is that it demonstrates how to use the various new GW paints, washes and drybrushes to achieve a nice finish.

The major disappointment were the Slaanesh models. I had hoped we would be getting a stage by stage process to paint as per the release pictures. I was very interested in how they did the skin. Instead we got a new set of guides based on Ushabti Bone as the skin colour.

Those quibbles aside, I thought for $12 I got a very good, extremely interactive painting guide.

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