Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Zealand Team Championships

Over the past few years there has been talk of getting a teams competition up and running in New Zealand. There has been a lot of talk but no real movement so I have decided to take the bull by the horns.

Announcing the New Zealand Teams Championship for Warhammer Fantasy

The details are as follows:

When: 16/17 February 2013

Where: Khandallah, Wellington

Teams: Four people per team

Points: 2400 points

Rounds: Six rounds (4 Saturday, 2 Sunday)

Cost: $120 per team prior to October 31, $150 thereafter....remember entry is based on first come, first served. There will be even number of teams

Composition: SCGT v2.1 amended for subsequent books - NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS

Armies: Only one of each race per team

Teams: Limited to a maximum of 12

A Players Pack will be created in the next month and will be available by the end of September.


  1. Sounds good mate count me in. Now to find three other people who can put up with me on their team.....If anyone is keen to make a team, let me know.

  2. Im interested if theres a spot on a team

  3. I'm very interested in joining/starting a team, I'll just have to check dates

  4. I'd be interested as well, need to check dates and such but I should be able to.

    If anyone needs a ... dwarf ... on their team just let me know.

  5. I am definately up for this is someone needs some sneaky Skaven back stabbing.... I meant back-up, honest ;)

    Dave A

  6. @Pete, Might I suggest starting a thread on the squighoppers forum so people can organise into teams?

  7. Sounds fantastic we are already getting a team from Palmerston North sorted. Are you sure we aren't allowed to enter a team of 4 Dwarf players - I mean imagine the fun you would have playing against us ;)

    1. The level of grumbliness just went off the scale.....

  8. The event is working its way to capacity. Already we have teams interested that I characterise as:

    The von Trapp Family
    Grumpy Old Men
    Mostly Ex-Pat Poms
    The Bright Young Hopes
    Anything For a Weekend Out of Palmie
    Beyond the White Wall

  9. sign me up mr pete!

    **** Advert ****

    Don't want to play against broken Skaven? Have me on your team! I like Dwarfs too!


  10. Meals, I need your email address dude. Would Tom be keen Pete?