Friday, August 24, 2012

ETC 2013

With this year's event completed I suspect most teams would have already begun planning for next year's event. From what I gather it is returning to Germany, to Munster the site of the 2009/10 competitions.

Reading the various threads on TWF the logistics, planning and politics of the event rival Operation Overlord.

What I would suggest is that any New Zealanders, either here in Godzone or overseas, who wish to participate in next year's event, make their interest known to a member of the 2012 team.Given the tyranny of distance the team normally has 2-3 new players come into the fold each year.

The results show that those teams who plan well, do well. So if you are keen to be part of the ETC experience then contact Dave Grant, Mark Skilton or Mal Patel and they will be able to give you details.

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