Friday, August 24, 2012

RHQ's Best Army General Icons

These are awarded for the player with the 3 highest ranking scores in that race over the past 12 months. Every now and then a gremlin gets into the system and icons disappear.

Here is my take on who the current holders are for each race:

Beastmen - Raymond Dick
Bretonnians - John Willenbruch
Chaos Dwarfs - Sam Whitt
Daemons - Tom Dunn
Dark Elves - James Page
Dwarfs - Thomas van Roekel
Empire - Rory Finnemore
High Elves - Graeme Fry
Lizardmen - Mal Patel
Ogres - Pete Dunn
(Savage) Orcs & (Night) Goblins - Hamish Forbes
Skaven - Daniel Butler
Tomb Kings - Tim Joss
Vampire Counts - Basil Moskovis
Warriors of Chaos - Ross Hillier-Jones
Wood Elves - Andy Hudson

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