Thursday, August 2, 2012


Not been much hobby for me recently as three other activities take the forefront.

First, the Olympics are on. I love the Olympics. To me it really is a pinnacle in that it really is about performance on the day. The Men’s 250km Cycling Road Race was a real case in point – the Brit Cavendish was unbackable favourite yet his tactics didn’t work and he didn’t change them in time. Now he might be week-in, week-out the best in the world but the Gold Medal is going back to Kazakhstan. Looking forward to another 10 days of drama. New Zealand only has one medal to date (I don’t count Equestrian as a true Olympic sport), but we have rowing finals this weekend.

Secondly, I have been reading Conn Iggulden’s “Conqueror” series. It is about the rise of the Mongol nation and the transformation of disparate tribes into the most efficient military machine the world has seen. It is a fascinating read. I started as a historicals gamer and my favourite army has always been the Mongol force. When I was at school I made them out of Airfix plastic US Cavalry figures before buying a 15mm Mike’s Models Mongol army (my first metal army). I took it to the first NatCon I attended (1982) and still have it. Three or four years ago I bought a 28mm Steve Barber Figures Mongol Conquest army, even tough I rarely play. I’ve painted that up and after reading these books I’m keen to get it on the table.

Finally, I’ve rediscovered Civ III PC game. I love the game even though Jack and Tom will tell you I play it badly. I’m currently locked in a game where my Mongols (of course) are battling four other Civs of similar size. It is getting to the critical time – I just sacrificed my technological lead for a land grab trying to secure uranium to add to my nuclear deterrent – where a world war is inevitable. Addictive, I can quite happily spend 3-4 hours a night planning my survival. Once this game is finished I’m keen to play some of the fan-written Mongol scenarios.

So that has curtailed my hobby for the last month or so. Need to re-focus and get some VC done.


  1. Loved that Mongol series too Pete. His Rome one is also well worth a read.

  2. Civ 3 is a good game, I have been playing Civ 5 recently myself, quite like it now I've gotten used to it and I like the new expansion content but the Mrs still prefers the older versions to the new one.

    1. Oh I am (slowly).

      Nice story about 1982 BTW! I would share what I was up to then but I can't remember much from when I was 2 :)

  3. Or paying someone to do it......:)