Monday, August 27, 2012

6th Ed Starter Set - White Dwarf Content

My White Dwarf arrived on Saturday giving me my first real look at the Starter Set minis.

I'm not a big fan of Dark Angels however I think GW have done a fantastic job with the new Deathwing. The models are great - really dynamic poses - and light years ahead of the SM Termies that were in the AOBR Starter Set. The rest of the loyalist lackeys are a bit "meh". I'm sure they are nice models and come from good families etc but I find them uninspiring - certainly unless I was a Dark Angels players I wouldn't be rushing to but.

The Chaos side is a totally different story. The Hellbrute is a truly impressive model - dynamic in pose and dominant in stature. And the Cultists are superb. The attention to detail evident on the models e.g. scarred Chaos stars etc is fantastic. The chosen are also great models but pale in comparison with the Cultists and Hellbrute.

I suspect the Dark Angels models (bar Terminators) will have limited re-sale value in comparison to the Chaos set. Certainly I expect the Cultists to be the most sought after models followed by the Deathwing and then rest of the Chaos offering. Don't expect much for the DA marines or Ravenwing

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  1. This is precisely why I think we might see more bike armies. They're ferociously expensive at the moment. If those bikes go for a reasonable rate on eBay then people like me might just buy fifty of them and have at it!