Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mordheim Board - The Inspiration and the Tools

My inspiration for building a Mordheim city board was the video by Fredrik Lybeck of Lybbans Miniatures. Here is that video.

 What was great from my point of view was that Fredrik had largely done all the planning for me. I shamelessly stole his concept, structural plan, materials etc. He also had provided links to the various items he had printed.

This really short-circuited the whole process for me. Armed with all his planning work, I acquired the necessary stls and fired up my one-machine print farm.

In the previous post I indicated that my new 3D FDM printer, a Creality CR-6 SE, had proved to be a "unicorn". What did I mean by that? Well from Day One I started printing successfully and have suffered virtually no failed prints or problems.

3D printing can be its own hobby and.....well, I didn't want another hobby....just a source of terrain pieces. I had previously had a Wanhao i-3 (purchased in 2016) and while it had served me okay for two years, it was a hobby in itself and eventually the effort to produce terrain outweighed its utility.

Not so with the Creality. The key feature for me is its auto bed-levelling. With the wanhao I was constantly struggling with the levelling of the print bed, manually adjusting corners, sliding in sheets of paper to measure the gap between bed and extruder etc. The Creality did all this for me and it really has been plug in and print.....exactly the type of 3D hobby I want.

I've have sourced PLA from a local supplier and started printing. Two and a half months and 13kgs of PLA later I've the necessary skeleton for my board.

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