Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Phoenix Rises - Mordheim

 After six months off the blog, the phoenix has risen again (or perhaps something stirs in the crypt)!

In March I went to Adepticon. It was a real refresh for me. After 2+ years of being locked down in New Zealand, it was a chance to get out and see the real world - outside our hermit kingdom. 

I had become very disenchanted with the bloat of 40k, the constant release of supplements, additional rules etc. all in a game that due to its underlying scoring structure was increasingly "same-y". Most of the content creators that I was following had turned into full-time shills for GW, pushing whatever was that week's release.

Adepticon changed a lot for me. Firstly, I got to go to the biggest tabletop miniatures convention in the world for the first time since 2019. There was a chance to mix with enthused hobbyists, visit vendor halls, eat burgers and drink margaritas. I didn't realise how much I had missed it! Secondly, I attended hobby classes again. Over the 4 days of the event I packed in 24 hours of classes - mostly airbrushing - but also some specific brush work classes on skin and faces. Thirdly, I got to see Golden Daemon. It was absolutely phenomenal and I was blown away by how talented people were.

When I arrived back in New Zealand late April I was enthused to get into the hobby again. What I needed was a project.

Over the previous 12 months I had been selling off my 22+ tables of 40k terrain. I had built up my own stock of terrain, mats and boards and post the 2021 Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament I no longer needed them. My previous project had been to build a 10' x 4' 40k Citifight board using SWM Urban Street tiles and GW Sector Imperialus buildings and I felt that 40 square feet would satisfy any future itch. This freed up a lot of space and while going through my "stuff" I found the Mordheim rulebook and a load of figures.

So I settled on my next project. Build a 6' x 4' Mordheim city board. I had a lot of Tabletop World buildings I could use but needed the right "base" on which to use them.

The first thing I did was search the Google and Youtube for possible examples and found myself a great set of videos by Fredrick Lybeck of Lybbans Miniatures. He had built a city board that was exactly what I aspired to......so out I went and bought a new tool.

The Creality CR-6 SE. Funded by Kickstarter in 2020. Problems ironed out by the community. Supported by a wonderful Facebook group. I didn't know it but I had found a "unicorn". Mid-July, I started printing and I haven't stopped since. In that time I have had less than a handful of failed prints and it has been running 24/7.

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