Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Mordheim - Enter the Print Farm

One of the things you learn with a project like this is that good things take time. You can see a wonderful plan - Lybbanns Miniatures Youtube - then you can see all sorts of fantastic terrain pieces to print, access the stls (please support creators) but being ready to build doesn't happen overnight.

The printing  of all the steps, walls, roads, ruins, buildings etc takes an enormous amount of time. Like a real long time. I purchased my printer in mid-July and I have been printing non-stop since then. By calculation, the printer has been utilised 80% of the intervening time since of switched it on. That is 19-20 hours per day for 70+ days. This is something worth thinking about when you plan your project. While the printing has taken 13+ kgs of PLA, it is the time to print that is your real constraint. When I built my 40k board purchasing GW kits was expensive but they were available in 1-2 days.

So get used to running a printing pipeline! This is the reason I am so please with my Creality machine. It has been a joy with little to no downtime. The issues I've had were related to filament replacement (solved by Youtube search), bed adhesion (solved by adding brim/raft where necessary/keeping the bed clean/using hairspray for very tall prints). Youtube, Google and the Creality CR-6 Facebook Group solved all my issues - fast and effectively. No real downtime...production keeps running.

Here is a list of some of the STL File creators that I have used. Again Lybbans did a lot of the work but there are a few I found myself: - Wightwood Abbey - walls, ruins, buildings - Medieval scenery, ships, buildings - Dark Realms (particularly Arkenfel) - Buildings, bridges, towers, ruins

Here is a selection of buildings/terrain I have printed and which is is now incorporated in my build: 

Dark Realms Ruined Bridge

Infinite Dimensions Stables

Dark Realms Ruined Rookery

Gumtree Roads being printed

Leichheim City Walls

City Walls being printed

Printable Scenery Sunken Ship

Wightwood Abbey Gatehouse

Dark Realms Arkenfel Ruined Bridge

Centre Pieces of Dark Realm Bridge

More of the ruined bridge

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