Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Call to Arms Approaches

Call to Arms is coming up in just over a fortnight and lists are due in soon.

While I had signed up to play I am probably going to pull the pin and give the Umpire for both the Fantasy and 40k events a hand. Hagen Kerr is umpiring both and I suspect that he will have his hands full with 40k 6th Ed rollout so I'll endeavour to help him by running Fantasy.

With that being the case I may pull out the "Blood in the Badlands" book and see if there is a suitable scenario I can run as a demonstration game.

For those of you playing, remember to get your lists in on time.


  1. Be a shame to see you withdraw. Any idea on the numbers yet?

    1. Yes it would. I think the numbers are at 18-19

  2. With the Warlords Website being down what is hagen's email for lists ??

  3. Sorry, email me. I'm not posting his email on the site