Monday, July 30, 2012

Flying Fur - Beasts vs. Skaven

Had a really fun game on Saturday against Mike King’s Beastmen. Mike used a Herdstone list with 4 Wizards – Level 4 Death and Shadow, 2x Level 1 Beasts – 2x Minotaur unit, 2x Gor blocks, a Bestigor block, 2x chariots plus chaff.

I used my Skaven but also tried a couple of new things out. The Bell was pushed by 40 Stormvermin, I minimised my Gutter Runner units and for the first time I used an Assassin. He had the standard ninja kit of Weeping Blade and Potion of Strength.

Not really sure that the list worked for me. When you include such a big block of Stormvermin you probably want them in combat BUT that is generally the last place you want the Bell. In the end I got it into a Gor block and killed the Death Wizard with the Assassin (one hit from 5 attacks – bell fuelled), he luckily wounded and the Weeping Blade thankfully rolled high. Again I’m not sure that the Assassin worked. It was pretty obvious where he would be. I had to roll an “8” to make the charge so even drinking his potion was risky – maybe best in second round if he survives (?).

Mike’s Minotaur plus Chariot did a job on the HPA whereas the Doomwheel got lucky on the second unit.

However the key moment was a 13th Spell on Turn One. I reduced the Bestigors from 20 to 2, effectively taking them out early. Mike’s Death Wizard killed an Engineer early and the Herdstone gave him pretty much 10-12 dice each of the early rounds. However this came at a cost as he had no BSB and a Lord Level Shaman with no BSB is a very risky proposition. I expect to see him re-enter Mike’s list.

For me, I don’t think I’ll run such a big SV unit again with a Bell, but might try 30 Stormvermin by themselves. In this instance they were expensive furniture movers, costing 2.5-3.0 points more than Clanrats.

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