Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Daemons of Chaos - August White Dwarf Pictures

First pictures (poor quality) of the the new Daemons emerging.

Here is the new Slaanesh Chariot kit in its two iterations:

Also confirmation of the army book upgradeand that Flamers S4 but now Special.

I've put the rest of the pictures on Page 2.

I must say the Nurglings and Plaguebearers look the least inspiring.


  1. That chariot looks dangerous to assemble or play with, good in a fight I suppose.

    Nurglings look.. stupid. I'll stay with my old ones.

  2. The Slaanesh Chariot looks so fiddly. You'd likely break everything off just tranporting it to games!

    Now if only there was a reasonable way to get good Steed/Nette models anymore, I may have been tempted back...

  3. Those pics are of two different chariots. The first is the normal one which is a special choice (4 wounds), and the second the rare choice which can be an exaulted chariot (8 wounds)

  4. I suspect the nurglings will be great models that just lack from a) the paint job and b) the picture quality.

    In general though, other than the forgeworld great unclean one, pretty much all nurgle models ever made or converted are fucking ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and those plague bearers fit right in there.

  5. I like the chariots, although i have a problem with running them on sideways on the base....just looks weird.