Monday, July 23, 2012

Fantasy Day at Chateau Dunn

On Saturday we had a busy day at my place, with six games taking place.people were trying out their lists for the upcoming Call to Arms.

Sam Whitt debuted his Dark Elves playing my Ogres and Tom's Daemons. I was using a no Ironblaster list with Thundertusk included to suck up the points. Sam charged him in the flank with a Pegasus rider breaking him though he caused no wounds. I was able to clear out his magic early.... Pendant of Khaleth not great vs. Str 2 no AS attacks....and his Dark Riders/Shades. In the last turn my Mournfang cleared out the bus.

In the second game Sam had a small win against the Daemons. I watched the end throes and Tom's luck looked like it deserted him until his Thirster cleared out the CO bus. There was a very enjoyable combat where 3 Harpies and 5 Furies fought....both failing to cause any wounds.

My second game was vs Matt's dual Dragon list.Sorry Matt, but a Fire Mage on Dragon may be fluffy but his role is at best "conflicted". In both games he played the Mage was dead Turn 2 - no armour in combat - leaving Matt with no magic. Matt used an eagle to slow my Guts but when he failed a Terror test (and re-roll) from charging Thundertusk, it openned the way for the Guts to hit a spearmen block (with BSB) which broke his Fortitude in Blood & Glory.

James Milner was running his Tyrion-led High Elves and he managed to beat Tom's Daemons and also Mike's Beastmen. The general consensus was that Tyrion added starch to the High Elves but you'd expect that at the points cost. In the sixth game the Beasts did a number on the two Dragon High Elves.

So all in all some good fun across the tables. Probably look to do a similar day early next month.


  1. Thanks Pete, for allowing us to roll some dice at Casa del Dunn.

    Tyrion was a great tank, and can really hurt units too with his S4 Breath + Withering! Can see him having issues in a number of matchups though so I'm not sure if hes so solid when theres Cannonballs flying around. Guess its gonna depend on the terrain involved

  2. I'm gutted I Couldnt make this-sounded like a whole lot of fun. Count me in for the next long as it isnt the weekend of 4/5th August.