Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fields of Blood - Tabletop Action

Here are some pics from the tabletop:

Al Unicomb's Ghazghull had gone on a rampage against Jack's Dark Eldar. I was called across to witness the continuation of this. What I saw was Ghazghull fail to hit a vehicle with his next 27 attacks!

Dave Lewy's Tau 

Haydn Korach's Dark Eldar

Mark Buttle's Grey Knights

Jordan Green's CSM with converted Defiler

Hagen Kerr's Guard bunker down on Craig Stewart's table

Dave Foster's Dark Eldar themed table

Flyers Galore - Blood Angels vs. Grey Knights

Charlie's Necrons chomping on Blood Angels

Ryan Stuart's Trygon infest Alistair Allen's fantastic table. This board won "The Sigillite" for best terrain.

Sam King's Eldar up against Aaron Graham's Evil Kin

Cody Parlarto's Grey Knights on Chris La Grange's Ork Table. Chris came second in the terrain stakes, winning "The Servitor" award.

More from the same table. Grey Knights - small but perfectly formed

Chris La Grange's Orks storm a ruined citadel

Al Unicomb trying to tie down Jack's tricksey Dark Eldar

Grey Knights vs. Glen Burfield's Wraith Eldar

Ryan's Nids face off against Dave Foster's Necrons

Infestation - Luke Forrest's Nids. This army won Best Presented. I suspect the ruins are doubling as a maternity ward.

Mike King's Nids in downtown Mogadhisu

Liam Miskelly's Chaos

Ivan Soo's Necrons on a flyby of Josh Diffey's 14 model Grey Knights

Wes Barclay's Orks horde it up against Adam Thornton's Nids

Dom's Bad Robots have cleansed the village of Blood Angels

Another view of Pascal's Blood Angels

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  1. Just asking why Haydn's Dark Eldar look so surprisingly like Ben Foster's in this pic?? ;-)