Friday, July 20, 2012

Scratching the ETC Lists

So a breakdown of ETC lists by prevalence (maximum 33):

27 – Skaven

25 – Empire

25 – Dark Elves

23 – Vampire Counts

21 – Daemons of Chaos

21 – Dwarfs

20 – Ogre Kingdoms

19 – Lizardmen

19 – Warriors of Chaos

17 – High Elves

12 – Orcs & Goblins

11 – Chaos Dwarfs

10 – Bretonnians

7 – Tomb Kings

4 – Wood Elves

3 – Beastmen

At a headline level it doesn’t look like the comp system has really inspired the variety that was mooted/suggested by a supposed levelling of the playing field.

I would have picked the nine most popular armies. I suspect the 100 extra points has encouraged some High Elves.

Team NZ has seven of its armies in the nine most common….a solid sign. The only outlier is Chris Wilcox with Wood Elves. Is it a surprise that 50% of the WE players play in Australia (the home of subjective comp). Nick Hoen’s three Treemen army looks far more engaging than Chris’ list.

The Australians have three of their eight armies not in the nine most common armies.

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