Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beware the Sniper!

Reading through the 6th Edition rules again last night, I love the introduction of pre-measuring and think that when combined with random assaults (remember, measure then roll), it will speed up that part of the game.

However one area where I think that the game can (and will) bog down, at least initially, is in model placement in the unit. Given that “the nearest wears it” people will be paranoid about where they place those models with Power Fist, special or heavy weapon. This is particularly the case where through movement of units and vehicles, mobility will open up new firing lines.

Some people don’t need an excuse to play slow – but the potential for being sniped will give them the rationale. At least initially. Over time the good players will adapt and it will become second nature for them. However I can see it being a chokepoint for awhile.

Conversely, I can see an upside with the mechanism. People may be more motivated to take extra ablative wounds – read jubs – in their units, so they can cocoon the “special models”. It is obviously far easier to cocoon Mr. Melta with 6-7 models rather than 4 (given the 360 degree threat range).


  1. I LOVE the idea of people moving up the board, paranoid of sniper fire picking off their important models. Gives the game such a cool cinematic feel and adds to the strategy around positioning your models on the board.

  2. Given i have not played a game of 6th yet, but i have a worry about the wound allocation rule combined with premeasuring in 40k. in fantasy, premeasuring effects works because the distances are not huge, and the objects are in general large squares. but if im shooting a unit 42 inches away, and say i do 1 wound, but we cannot agree on which of 2 models is closer, how is this resolved? how can you accurately determine this? Reading the 6th rules, this in particular is worrying me. Has anyone played some games and seen whether this is an issue?