Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Line in the Sand?

One of the things I have on my hobby agenda this year is to round out some of the armies that I own with a view to getting them finished and diminish the mountain of lead, plastic and resin I have down in the Dunn-geon.

For Fantasy this means work on 5-6 armies as follows:

Lizards – Temple Guard (27), Stegadon, Terradons (6) and Chameleons (10)

High Elves – Reavers (5), Swordmasters (21), Sea Guard (30), Lion Chariot, Phoenix Guard (20)

Empire – Hurricanium, Luminarch, Demiwolves (4), Swordsmen (30)

Tomb Kings – Necropolis Knights (8), Sphinx, Hierotitan

Vampires – Terrorghiest, Varghiest (4), Crypt Horrors (8), Hexwraiths (5), Black Knights (10), Blood Knights (5)

To help me I’ve contracted out some of the painting. Sam Whitt has done the Reavers and the Temple guard and currently has the Sea Guard, Terradons and Swordmasters. Phil comins has the Phoenix Guard and the Lion Chariot. With me finishing the Steg and Chamelons it will mean two of the armies are complete!

Given I have the easy part of that deal my efforts over the next six months will be split between the other three armies. I am hoping that with some discipline I can finish them all by Xmas. That will mean that I can draw a line under the various armies and just buy new units as they are released. That’s the plan anyway.

I am giving away excess bits as I finish armies; Hamish from “The Recidivist Gamer” visited the other week and went away with all my Ogre bits.

My success in this venture will likely be down to the release of the new Chaos Space Marine codex and the potential to tailor armies. I have half completed Thousand Sons and Iron Warriors which will get some love depending on the book. I also have some new Deathguard vehicles, Terminators and a full squad of Emperor’s Children Noise Bikers to complete. If the book is “acceptable” I can see them pushing up the queue.

The other two armies I have are Tau (vehicles) and Orks. Now Jack is contractually committed to completing the Orks and I’m hoping we’ll see some progress once the Dark Eldar are finished. C’mon it’s only 150 models!

So all this is, is a roundabout way of saying to myself that I don’t need to buy any more models for the time being. I know it’s a forlorn hope but posting it here at least puts it down in black and white and it can haunt me come year end.

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