Friday, July 20, 2012

ETC Lists Released

It's Net-listers' Xmas as the 2013 ETC Lists are released. you can download them here

Nothing I see here changes my view that New Zealand will again finish higher than Australia.

Make or break year for England. Gotta think given the effort that anything less than Top 5 will be viewed by them as disappointing.

Remember these lists are for a bastardised form of WHFB so don't expect the lists to work in all environments


  1. Of course NZ will finish higher than Oz :-)

    I am partly glad that the NZ lists do not look too out of place (at least in terms of armies selected), but at the same time it would be nice to do some more 'outside the box' thinking, whilst still be competative.

    Anyway... only a few weeks to go. #Excited!!! (see I am hip these days... #'ing things).

  2. Hey Peter is that a relative of yours playing for Ireland with his Skaven?