Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daemons of Chaos Army Book Update

I’m pretty excited that GW have updated Daemons of Chaos by including a new rules leaflet in the latest White Dwarf.

To say that the Daemon book has always been “competitive” is probably understating it. Towards the end of 7th Edition the top tables at any no-comp event was dominated by the denizens from the Warp. The key strengths were the speed of the army backed by a 5+ ward save. There were generally no weak Daemon builds.

While the 8th Edition rules knocked the edge of the most dangerous builds – not least because tournaments coalesced at 2400 points – a Daemon army still remained a very very dangerous beast. The ability to get cheap (and multiple) Loremaster abilities added to its strength.

When comp was applied, generally the Daemonic gifts were limited to one per army and a limit was put on the number of Flamers (or units of Flamers) you could have.

Given the Daemons are generally viewed as a “niche” army, it was unlikely that they would get a new Army Book in the next few years. Therefore the current “problems” would persist. GW have taken the opportunity of the release of second/third wave models to address any issues that they have identified by producing a supplement to this month’s White Dwarf.

I can’t wait to sit down and devour it.


  1. On the 40k side of things Daemons could really use the update though. I'm not sure how much a White Dwarf update is going to help them however as adding new cool stuff doesn't really get around the fact that their scoring units are terrible and they have almost no shooting.

  2. Unfortunatley fantasy version kinda falls flat. We get 2 new chariots of slaneesh, a 3rd slaneesh chariotesk type unit, and the addition of the soulgrinder?!*#
    Flamers are now special choice unit, same size restrictions, but now Strength 4. Soulgrinders get weapon options, which allow either a stone thrower, bolt thrower, or grapeshot only cannon. They can also move and fire.

    Aparently, according to fluff, the soulgrinder is the result of a pact with the hel forge made by a daemon that has had its body destroyed and dosnt want to be reduced to oblivion. The deamon is out to harvest enough souls to pay its debt to the helforge to get its body back. Atleast its more plausable than demigrifs =P Cant help but think its just a way to sell more soulgrinders and make all deamon models universal. Why the helforge requires pistons and hydralics to make things work? They could have made much better fluff by having the Chaos Dwarfs create a new body for the destroyed daemon.

    New plaugebearers look like, well plaugebearers. Nothing special. All the "new" resin stuff is actually just finecast versions of the old metals, so no new Keeper or Fiends to be seen. This is unfortunate.

    Oh, and one last parting shot, GW have seen it fit to print the cost price and RRP of some of the new models! in both $AU and $NZ lol! How this happened IDK. Someone is about to loose thier job!

  3. There are 3 upgrades for the Soulgrinder costing 50pts /50pts/55pts

  4. What changes did they make to fantasy screamers?

  5. It is imposible to find a copy of the update now. Does anyone know where a link to it can be found?