Monday, July 23, 2012

More ETC Analysis

The other day I looked at most prevalent armies at this year’s ETC. They were in order:

Skaven (27)/Empire (25)/Dark Elves (25)/Vampires (23)/Daemons (21)/ Dwarfs (21)/Ogres (20)/Lizards (19)/Warriors (19) – max is 33

I thought that I look at what the best performing nations were taking so took last year’s top eight finishers:

Dark Elves (8)/Vampires (7)/ Empire (7)/ Lizards (6)/ Ogres (5) Chaos Dwarfs (5)/Dwarfs (5) – then Skaven, Daemons, High Elves and Warriors all on 4

Interesting changes in the makeup. Of the six people not taking Skaven, four are in last year’s Top Eight. Daemons also suffer though not as dramatically. The top nations seem to have seen something more in Lizards and, particularly Chaos Dwarfs (making up half of those taking them).

At the very top end you have to have a plan for dealing with Dark Elves, Vampires and Empire. The matchup process here is going to be fascinating to see what the leading nations use to counter these armies.

And again, the heavy comp “fixes” don’t seem to have breathed new life into variety. The most prevalent seven armies may up 61% of choices for full field. This rises to 67% of choices for the top eight nations. So greater consistency of opinion at the top end.

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