Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My New Ogre Kingdoms Dice

I have just had a new custom order of dice made.

These are 16mm black with red numbers. Instead of the "6" I have had the Great Maw put on them.

Pretty happy with how they have come out.

I have had some extra made so if anybody is interested in getting some them let me know. 


  1. just emailed you.

    I would like some please.


  2. Who did you get them done through?

  3. Usual guys, Chessex. They've done all my dice...never had problem.

    Small runs are expensive per dice so I try and offset by getting more and selling them off.

    I had them do Death Guard, Sisters, Ulthewe, three types of Skaven, Khorne and now Ogres

  4. Great, just what Ogre players need, some broken ass dice to go with their broken ass army. ;)

  5. Nice. Ive also just had the pleasure of receiving a shipment of custom TK dice. Its a nice product and makes that great finishing touch to your army.

    I got mine through a group buy on the TK forums. We got the price down to $0.39 each with an order of about 4k dice. What is the cost to get small numbers done Pete?

  6. Between 0.80-1.00 USD per die plus US postage charges.

    Typically works out between $1.50-2.00 NZD each after all costs.

    I gone through forum groups before but the time/angst isn't worth it to save $20 usually.

    Plus I can have my own design! And colour - No compromise

    1. Yeah I am wanting some more (different designs) now.

      How long a wait for your order? We had to wait about 10 weeks after the order was place (and probably 10 weeks leading up to it =P on the forums...)

  7. The prototype took three days. In the past it has been less than a month for the full order

  8. Hello,

    I just emailed you. If you have still 10 of these dice, i'm interessed


  9. Hey! How can I get ahold of you. If you still have any dice, or know how I can get some I am extremely interested!