Monday, July 16, 2012

Loose Lips

On the weekend Mike and I had a game with my Ogres taking on his Beastmen. I changed around my list a bit – no Ironblasters, a 4 and a 2 Mournfang and a Thundertusk – for a bit of variety.

What we got was a great game where I had no magic from Turn 2. My Gutstar – with Slaughtermaster and Firebelly – got rolled by the Doombull and four Minotaurs (he’s all very brave when there’s no cannons, isn’t he?). By the end of Turn 3, Mike had his Minibulldoomstar left plus his WarGor Lord, a unit of hounds and a 5 man ungor block. I had my Bulls led by BSB, two lots of two Mournfang, two Maneaters and the Tusk. What transpired next was a lesson in keeping your eye on the ball!

The Wargor was facing Maneaters and Mournfang to the front and Bulls to the rear when the Minotaurs with DB went into the flank of the Mournfang. I had already removed a wound from the WarGor Lord who was running the Stubborn Crown.

Dark Blue = Bulls plus BSB
Pink = Maneaters
Light Blue = Mournfang
Small Brown = WarGor
Large Brown = Minotaurs with Doombull

What happens next defines stupidity! I opened my mouth without thinking about the consequences!

I challenged with my Bull Champion hoping to isolate the Doombull’s attacks. This was the worst thing I could have done as now Mike could accept with the Lord and take out all my other attacks.

It did not end well and eventually cost me the game 2230 to 1550 (after banners etc).

Never, ever challenge if you have any doubt about who is going to accept. And if you have no doubt then give it another quick consideration. I assumed the Doombull would accept and didn’t even consider the WarGor. In retrospect there was never a doubt as to who was going to grab the mantle.

I lost the combat. Maneaters ran, panicked the Thundertusk and left the flank of the Bulls exposed. The Wargor fought on for another turn until the Minotaurs hit the Bulls destroying them.

Lesson learned – think before you speak.


  1. It was Beastlord, not a Wargor, but he couldn't believe his luck when Bull Champion challenged.


  2. Sorry, all look like cows to me!

  3. Go the mighty Beastmen!


  4. If I'm reading the rules correctly the Doombull would not have been able to accept the challenge anyway as both parties need to be in unit-to-unit contact

    1. Of course you're right - which made my issuing the challenge an even stupider action