Monday, July 9, 2012

Fields of Blood NZGT - Headline Results

Thanks to all that attended and a special thank you to those that provided help and assistance and terrain.

Here are the headline results:

1st Overall - Charlie St. Clair (Necrons)
2nd Overall - Doug Sainsbury (Grey Knights)
3rd Overall - Jack Dunn (Dark Eldar)
4th Overall - Adam Thornton (Tyranids)
5th Overall - Rascal Roggen (Blood Angels)

Bloodthirster (Highest Gameplay) - Charlie St. Clair (87/90)

Living Saint (Best Sport) - Ryland Davies
2nd Sports - Wes Barclay
3rd Sports - James Stewart

Harlequin (Best Presented Army) - Luke Forrest (Tyranids)
2nd Presentation - Jack Dunn (Dark Eldar)
3rd Presentation - Glen Burfield (Eldar)

Sigillite (Best Terrain) - Alistair Allan
2nd Terrain - Chris La Grange

Rogue Trader (Most Bounties) - Adam Thornton

Race-Specific Trohies (4+ Participants):
Castellan (Top Grey Knight) - Doug Sainsbury
Archon (Top Dark Eldar) - Jack Dunn
Carnifex (Top Tyranid) - Adam Thornton
Sanguinor (Top Blood Angel) - Pascal Roggen
Commissar (Top Imperial Guard) - Hagen Kerr
Primarch (Top Space Marine) - Craig Stewart

Battle of the Ditch (International - NZ v Australia)

Josh Diffey (Grey Knights) beat Hagen Kerr (Imperial Guard)
Aaron Graham (Dark Eldar) beat Daniel Hayden (Blood Angels)
Ryland Davies (Orks) beat Hayden Korach (Dark Eldar)
Alistair Unicomb (Orks) lost to Mark Buttle (Grey Knights)

Australia 3 - NZ 1

Congratulations to the Australian Team for wresting the trophy off New Zealand for the first time.

Thanks to all for attending and making my life very easy over the weekend. No dramas from my end. Games played in great spirit (all games got max sports - 27/50 players got a Best Opponent vote) and the presentation standard of armies had increased immeasurably.


  1. Thanks again Pete for once again running a superlative tournament. Truly the pinnacle of wargaming for myself and many others.

  2. Thank you all for an awesome weekend. 6 of the best games against 6 of the most enjoyable players to play against, most notably Pascal and Hagen. We had the most nail biting, exciting games!

  3. Sounds like it was an awesome weekend. Bloody hell Charlie you dropped 3 Gameplay...slacking :)

  4. Thanks again Peter had an awesome weekend played 6 great and new opponents and six different races!