Monday, November 19, 2012

NZ Masters Lists - Fantasy

The lists for the 5th New Zealand Warhammer Fantasy Masters have been released and you can download them here

Looking at the various armies I think that this is definitely the strongest set of lists (as a group) that have marshalled for the Masters event. There are some real kickass lists on show. Interestingly, there are 11 different races being used - the Skaven Master Race being the only duplicate.

Neil Williamson has sneaked in three Skullcrushers even though they will not have been released for a month before the event - condition was in the original pack but was missed in final pack. I'm looking forward to seeing the new models on the table.

Sam Whitt is the one of only (two) person(s) not running a Level 4...however he does have two Level 2s. Tom has a single Level 2 with Loremaster and another Lvl 2.

The most expensive units on offer are:
  • 449 - 39 Tomb Guard (Tim)
  • 400 - 6 Necropolis Knights (Tim)
  • 399 - 34 Savage Orc Big Uns (Sam)
  • 390 - 30 Bloodletters (Tom)
  • 378 - 29 Bloodletters (Tom)
  • 370 - 10 Inner Circle Knights (Joel)
  • 357 - 26 Bestigors (Ray)
  • 353 - 41 Gors (Ray)
  • 339 - 8 Grail Knights (Antony)
  • 310 - 5 Demigryph Knights (Joel)
  • 305 - 15 White Lions (Peter)


  1. This table gives me 1st and 2nd already.
    In the enlightened words of Charlie Sheen, "winning"

    Oh yeah. NO OGRES! (does a winning dance)

    1. No but Demigryphs and Skullcrushers!

      And Tom is bringing Slugtongue!

    2. My thoughts exactly. Facing the Chochobos and Angry Cowboys is almost as bad as facing the fatties on donkies

  2. Tom is bringing the Beatman special character?!! Cheese I say!!

  3. Sam - as there is more than one person in the world called Sam, in the Warhammer World there is more than one called Slugtongue.

    In fact, in 2011 Slugtongue was the 8th most popular Chaos name for females, 12th most popular for males and staggering 3rd most popular for those of undetermined gender.

  4. Chaos female prostitutes maybe....

  5. Ha, hadn't even thought about the fact Crushers aren't a month old yet...
    Oh well, Given we've had Fangs and Chickens for long enough, if someone can't deal with a unit of Frenzied MC, well... I don't really feel sorry at all!

    I also look forward to seeing how they go on the table.

  6. Sam - In fact Tom tells me that Sam is the shortened female version of Slugtongue

    1. So I am a Chaos female prostitute now? My wife will be so proud!!

  7. By the way, with all the Deathstars and superhard lists on show, I think it is safe to assume that I am the "People's Champion" - brave underdog with the army of the prolateriat - rising up against all this new book madness.

    1. Well why would you take a new book when your old one is so bent it has 5 dimensions to it? That's why it's so convuluted, the entries keep dropping in and out of this plane of reality.

      How else do we explain Doomrockets, Abombs and the Dreaded 13th?

    2. Sam,

      Your post was truncated so I'll finish it for you

      "This type of nonsense is what we expect from Dwarf players. Of course you will resent armies that try to make a game of it by competing in all phases"

      No need for thanks


    3. Yeah I apologise. Siding with a Dwarf player, I don't know what I was thinking. Gork and Mork have mercy on my Green soul.

    4. Because while Orc and Skaven players struggle with the concept of soap and toothbrushes, even a room-temperature IQ Orc Warlord can see the truth when it's put succintly in front of them?

      Skaven and Orcs don't have souls. They're like Gingas in that sense.

    5. This... lol.

      But yes I totally agree Tane :D.

  8. People champ indeed! Don't overlook the 6th ed army book hanging on in there. The Bret book is almost as old as some of the masters contenders.


  9. That's 13 Inner Circle Knights Pete...dont want people underestimating my Cheese...

    Joel v

  10. Be the best event of year, no Dwarf's to ruin everyones enjoyment

  11. I'm hoping you will similarly make a list of cheapest units so we can get joint first with a 15 point engineer.


    1. Locky - I'm the only Skaven bringing Rat Ogre.

  12. talk about lair of the troll king! slow day at work eh?
    cant wait to see how the masters pans out though, its all my favourite powerhouses, with suitable lists to match. mean

  13. Being the new kid on the block how was I meant to know that new releases were verbotten in earlier player packs?
    The skullcrushers are only babies. Less than one month old, they have barely learnt how to walk. Should be a push over.

    1. As long as they are the right models I don't care! :-)

    2. I though I'd just use my chaos hounds as proxies :-)
      Stick them on a big rock or something.

  14. I think the field is very strong,no chump bashing here.

    I'm picking to podium Pete, Joel and Locky.Its hard to pick a winner, Tom, Tim and Sam are gonna be top 5 at least.

    Pete, Locky and Joel all champs now, will the confidence see them through, Locky had a break for a while, and could the Vermintide confidence boast be enough for Joel.......

    Looking at the lists, they are very combat focused and I think that Tim may struggle against some builds. Lots of push it forward lists, if his shootings on fire then he'll do well, couple of poor rounds on the trot.......Deployment will be the key here and Tim is good at deployment.

    Curveball winner the Ray machine and the flying Doombull, Yus. He has the skill he has the funky list can he pull the rabbit from the hat. My top tip bet a dollar on this guy.

    Rory should do well as well, as long as he can dodge the FD and Searing Hot spoons on the fun bus from Joel, those KB of Tom's will hurt as well

    Mike King................too many saurus for my liking lol, Slann will be the key, here cupped nutsack for the win. Scar-vets on foot tut-tut

    Tom, I've told him before all he has to do is choose to roll 5 and 6's and he should have no problems...............

    Old man Neil snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........................if he finishes a game who know :)

    Young man Pete, he's got the skillz but does he have mad luck skillz

    Good luck to everyone looking forward to the batrep


    PS Pew pew pew pew "Take it off" It just wouldn't be right if I didn't

    1. James has kindly agreed to allow up to 5 hours a game and is supplying tea and cupcakes for my opponents whilst they wait for their turn.