Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Price Point?

Generally I think that goods are worth what people are prepared to pay for them and that the seller can ask whatever they want for them.

Yesterday Games Workshop sent out their monthly New Releases email and as you would expect it is dominated by "The Hobbit" releases. Jack and I were discussing them and one caught our eye.

This is the Narzug figure, who I understand is a Special Character for the Fell Warg. It looks a nice enough figure without being unduly elaborate. The New Zealand price for this single figure - it's mounted on a 25mm base - is $40.

By my reckoning this appears to be a new price point for GW for a single 28mm figure.

Contrast this with the Forgeworld releases posted yesterday:

For $44 you get BOTH of these two figures from the Horus Heresy releases. And the figures are in resin rather than Finecast.

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions as to where the value is. I'm wondering how much licensing fees for the movie play in the price point and whether this will become the norm in other ranges.


Bloody hell.....the Troll box set...3 Plastic Trolls $165

Yes, they are on 60mm bases but $165.....


  1. I hope that it is a case of the licensing fees rather than GW with a new price point as wow, I am not getting into the hobbit because that price point to try and do anything with the game is insane. But then again I am more a 40k fanboy than a Tolkien one.

  2. Licensing and the fact that LOTR/Hobbit releases are not niche "hobbiest" market releases, they are also targeted at Tolkiens who will (and did) buy all of it just because it is LOTR/Hobbit.

  3. if I cant source stuff from the USA / UK I am having to cut back on my GW purchases as it is - and thats for Aus prices which are marginally better than NZ.

    Scary stuff and I REALLY REALLY hope its just the licensing and target market for LOTR.

    Happily I have never even remotely been interested in the LOTR range :)

  4. The Trolls arent even that great in terms of their sculpts seem incredibly basic - do they paint themselves for that price

  5. I'm not sure what horrifies me more.

  6. I just went into local GW to pick up a can of Skull White spray. Lot of "The Hobbit" love on show including the new White Dwarf.

    1. You can almost buy an airbrush for the cost of a GW spray can these days...

    2. Yep. $31 currently.

      I've switched to a cheaper spray for a lot of my stuff - typically around $15-17 per can.

      However I do think GW's spray is superior and I wanted very good coverage for my Death Guard given that White is base colour.

    3. See my 'RANT' post on my blog if you wanna know my feelings on the matter.

  7. Can I swear on here?! What a total joke!