Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rory's Views On the Fantasy Masters

Fellow Masters participant, Rory Finnemore, has bullocked his way onto Sam Whitt's blog and provided his views on the Masters field and their lists.

You can read it here

I'll be giving my traditional rundown later in the week. For now let's say rather than my normal mode of talking down my chances, I've gone all-Australian and embraced my favouritism like a new pair of Speedos.

Warney Calls It Early

Seriously guys....give me the trophy now. The internet has spoken....I can't be beaten (well apart from in the last three games I've played anyway)


  1. You have just cursed yourself Pete. (curse of the horned rat?) My condolences...

    1. Given I was being saddled with it anyway, I thought I'd embrace my inner "Warne-y"

    2. Purely because you'd like to embrace Liz Hurley.

  2. Well you are a top-notch player with a list so filthy it can only be described as 'Nurgle channels Skaven'. It'd take more than Dettol and a steamblaster to clean up that particular army list.

    We all know you like Death Guard and rats, so I have to salute your ability to combine the two.

  3. Well if it's on the internet it must be right? When has the internet been ever wrong, it just doesn't happen?

  4. I would hate to think what would happen to the internets if you won Peter....Y2K anyone??

  5. I saw your list Peter W and I like it lots. It's designed by the looks as you had a rough idea what everyone else was bringing. Forums and net lists be damned. I'd play with that list at the masters.