Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bane Legions Bloodthirster - WIP

Over the weekend I put together the Bane Legions Krull of Dis I purchased in the Maelstrom firesale of late October. I’m pretty happy with the purchase getting 50% off and free postage. The offers of late October seem to have been delivered whereas those of the last 10 days or so appear to be in stasis – Maelstrom appearing to have finally fallen over last weekend.

The model arrived last Tuesday and I’ve spent the last few nights while watching TV/listening to podcasts tidying it up and building it. First things, first. There is very little flash or mold lines on the figure. Where there are then it is very easy to clean them up with a craft knife. Whaere more work is required is on the removing of casting lugs (all pieces) and stabilisers (on small pieces). This requires some work with clippers, knife and flat file. The resin is not overly brittle so with a little care youcan get a good finish. I managed to put the craft knife into my left index finger resulting in a reasonable flow of blood – but hey, what else can you expect with a Bloodthirster!

There are some very large joins e.g. torso to legs, arms to torso etc. In some cases these have a surface area more than an inch square so rather than use Super Glue, I used a very thing layer of GF9 Greenstuff. I have found that this gives a much better bond than Super Glue for a large surface where there might be some imperfections, the epoxy compensating for any bumps or holes.

So here are some pictures of the model WIP. Remember this is a very large model standing around 9” high before the wings are attached. I have decided to paint it in three parts – wings and body – before final assembly. There are some small gaps still to fill and a little sanding of excess Green Stuff once it has fully cured.


  1. I'm still painting mine,have been for the last 6 months.I removed the left hand weapon from mine and replaced it with another axe.I could just see that thin resin snapping.

  2. Man that looks Beasty. Can't wait to see it painted. Although he looks like he has a dockeed tail.

  3. Pete are you going to base it on a gaint base or wait till the new book comes out?

    I can see the new GD ending up on the 100mm bases in the new book

  4. Yeah, I think I'll wait until I see what the new book says.