Friday, November 30, 2012

Pete's Masters' Form Guide - Part Two

So having promptly upsetting half the field yesterday by putting them in the Bottom Six, today it is time to extol the rest.

Sixth Place

Well that's easy. It's me. Right in the middle of the field, half above, half below.

Why? Too old, too slow. Lacking the fortitude to see through a six game campaign, I'll falter badly at the pointy end. And I have previous - last year's choke versus Antony Kitson where I suffered my only 0-20 in the past two and a half years. So history.

That said I have a good list which I know well so who know's I might just surprise. Obviously that would be an extremely popular outcome given the love I draw from my legion of fans. In particular, with no Dwarf sullying the event I expect a wave of support from my friends in Stuntydom.

The Top Five

Again (initially) I'm not going to put them in anything other than alphabetical order.

Raymond Dick

Previous Master and only non-Aucklander to win the event. Last time Raymond rode the Orcs & Goblins to victory, this time it is Beastmen.

A lot of people will be surprised to see me rate Raymond's chances so high - given his army choice - but he is a very wily old campaigner and, as I said, he's done it before.

That said, there is a real reliance on the Flying Doombull and therefore his chances will be shaped by how he stands up against against the limited warmachines on show.

Ray may drop a game early but I expect him to be there or thereabouts at the pointy end.

Tom Dunn

I have to be careful here so that I don't get accused of bias. Tom has been the big improver this year finishing at #4 in the rankings. He has a lot more focus which has been helped by sticking with Daemons all year.

He is the absolute "King of Chaff" with thre Furies, two Crushers and two Fiends in his list. This means he can control where his hardhitters hit. And what hitters they are - two Bloodletter blocks and the ultimate character killer.

The list has the potential to get big wins as to get points the hitters must be fought. Joel, for instance, must be hoping like hell that he doesn't get drawn vs. Tom, same for Tim and Rory.

Rory Finnemore

Rory has brought a very strong list but not the strongest Vampire list. There are some key weak points in it and it will be intriguing to see whether they can be exploited.

That said, Rory is an Aucklander and therefore history says he is likely to win. I'm not sure how he will embrace this expectation - the League of Extraordinary Nerdymen expects, the Auckland gaming scene expects, heck even I expect. The fact that he is bringing his partner to the event to witness his triumph means Rory expects.

Hopefully the forces of the south can fight such a wall of expectation.

Tim Joss

#2 in the rankings, Tim hit a rich vein of form in the second part of the year. Importantly, this was across the full range of New Zealand gaming communities.

Guessing that being stuck in Invercargill, there is little else to do other than to plot and scheme. I'm guessing that Tim will be well prepared with a plan versus everyone. However I think his list is not as scary as some of his other lists have been. The 400 points tied up in Necropolis Knights is a weak spot and I suspect that all manner of hell will be raining down on them. e can't afford to lose them and therefore he may be forced to be more reactive than he hoped.

Sam Whitt

My first round opponent, Sam will have been having nightmares all week. I know he has been asking "Is there a better player in New Zealand of the Dawn Attack scenario than Pete?" and has consistently come up short of answers.

He's also been asking "Have I put too many points in the Trolls? Will they get isolated and let me down?".

These are valid questions. But the real question he should be asking is "Do I hang back or go balls out?" Wracked by indecision or worse, that he makes the wrong decision, this will be his demise.

And then the only important question "Can I mount a credible Masters challenge based on the results in Games Two to Six?"

So who do I think will win? Here's my podium:

3. Tom Dunn
2. Tim Joss
1. Rory Finnemore - because he's an Aucklander!


  1. Buy you a pint if you come in 6th Pete

  2. A shame no one brought Dwarfs to ruin the Masters.

    Damn shame.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha....I thought this was the "serious" and "definitive"!

  4. Pete will be luckly to make the top, here how I see his weekend going

    Game 1, Grey Seer quickly releases not taking an earthing rod was bad idea when in casting his first spell he goes directly to warp, without an effective magic phase Sam OG's have the rats covered.

    Game 2, finds Neil also celler dewelling, Storm Banner is completely ineffective at stopping the Hellcannons from firing, and Neil misfire's twice in first shooting phase, both times making every wizard on table take a miscast, needless to say the Grey Seer doesn't survive this, Only 3 turns are finished, so Neil can't capitilize on his good fortune and only gets a small win.

    Game 3, Peter, whatever cunning plan Peter has with his HE's hasn't panned out in first 2 rounds, but it comes togeather aganist the Skaven who like the rest of planet never saw it coming.

    Game 4, Mike, it's groundhog day and just like our practice game the Skaven are all over the lizards early, one miscast later from the Slann and cupped hands sees the Seers making his third visit to warp in 4 games.

    Game 5, Locky in Skaven civil war and things are looking up for Pete

    Game 6, Rory, it's traditional choke round and even though there's only a mathmatical chance of Pete getting up and winning he rolls over and gets his tummy tickled by Vampire Lord.


    1. Yay,
      "Only gets a small win"
      Its been predicted that I beat Pete.
      That's huge.

  5. Might as well not bother to fly down now rory, you're fucked!

    1. I love Pete's "Shoe-on-the-other-foot" technique he's employed....sorry Pete, I can see through it mate. Well, if I get reamed in all six games at least I have my missus waiting for me at the hotel....

  6. Wait you're bringing your ladyfriend? Sure fire loss. You are so doomed.

    1. Nope, not Doomed, I will save my sacred seed, and through the torment unleash a righteous fury upon my opponents (no, not the other sort of dirty righteous fury you were thinking of, but a fury full of angst!)....

    2. Pete if you finish outside the top three with that list and your experience you should rage quit warhammer and move to warmachine...